Case Studies



Location: Los Angeles, CA, America
Industry: Website Builder, Ecommerce Cart
Solution: managed private cloud and managed backups.

The Project

Goshly is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that has developed a next-gen website builder and ecommerce ecosystem that makes it easy for its customers to build responsive websites based on its own proprietary responsive framework. Goshly enables its users to quickly stand up websites thanks to its algorithm, which allows its users to drop and drag elements within a given site.

Goshly has also built its own ecommerce cart, allowing businesses to very easily sell products and services using Goshly as well as providing critical data needed for any business owner to make informed decisions.

As a start-up, it is important that Goshly is efficient with its resources. Goshly had historically managed its own server farm and had no virtualization in place. This meant that they were unable to easily scale and had a larger physical footprint than needed, as compared to a virtualized environment. With having to manage all components – including infrastructure, updates, patches, security, backup, log auditing etc., they could not fully focus on what they do best, which is software development.

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