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July 15, 2016 - Jesse Jones

How cloud backup works

Gone are the days that the businesses had to install expensive servers and store their important data, modern businesses hugely rely on cloud backup system. Compared to the huge initial investments companies had to make on server equipment, cloud backup is a significantly affordable alternative.

What exactly is cloud backup?

In simplest terms, cloud backup is the ability of storing data and software applications on external servers. These servers are generally located in a remote facility. 

There are dedicated companies to maintain cloud backup services; they lease out virtual storage space to customers who are in need. Generally, such service is offered for a monthly or annual fee which may depend on the service provider and the necessity of the customer.

It is then the cloud backup service provider’s responsibility to establish necessary security measures to protect the stored information while allowing respective clients to access the backup 24/7 without any interruption whatsoever.

Mechanism of Cloud backup

Cloud servers allow all the digital data to be stored including software packages, media files like audio and video, pictures, documents, databases, emails etc.

Once the customer subscribed for the service, they will have an uninterrupted, fast, reliable and secured access to the server (via internet). 

Automated systems will run at scheduled increments, backing up either entire drives or segmentations of files.

Protection of cloud backup

Cloud backup service providers focus on two main aspects in terms of securing the stored data;

  • Prevent data theft

  • Prevent data loss

Preventing data theft

Understanding the seriousness of the data stored, cloud backup service providers have taken sophisticated security precautions (with ultimate encryption levels which are sometimes stronger even than the ones used in banks) and stay one step ahead of the potential hackers.

Preventing Data Loss

Reputable cloud backup systems take supreme measures to prevent data loss since their existence in the industry depends on the reliability. They use multiple servers that are located in various facilities and use several energy sources to power up those servers assuring state-of-the-art protection against data loss.

Unlike earlier days, cloud backup services are available for very affordable rates. Companies or individuals can select the best matching plans that comply with the budget after referring the packages and comparing them to your needs.

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