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August 22, 2018 - Kenneth Odem

Colocation vs Cloud: Modern Mission-Critical Means Using Both

Many companies turn to the cloud when trying to discover ways to cut down on their infrastructure
costs that they may have on-site in their office, or even a small data center that they may operate.
However, when dealing with these challenges, it is important to ensure all options are considered –
from colocation, hosted private clouds and, of course, public cloud.

Before reading further, check out Wowrack’s comprehensive colocation overview.

According to a recent RightScale survey, organizations indicated that they only run anywhere from 10-
20% of their workloads in the public cloud, meaning Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google etc. The
biggest hesitation factor cited in this same report indicated the cloud security factor for not moving
more workloads to the public cloud. Solutions such as private cloud and data center colocation solve this
challenge due to their nature.

Wowrack deals with companies of all sizes – from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. In our
experience, we have found that companies often consider server colocation as a means of curing their
concerns of cloud security, while also integrating their colocation environment in some way with their
public cloud infrastructure.

A few reasons why companies may want to consider data center colocation:

  • The company has equipment that is not at EOL
  • Highly customized infrastructure that is not so easily obtained with cloud providers
  • Unable to retain compliancy adherences in the public cloud
  • Does not fully trust the public cloud (cloud security)

As a result, companies go through their data sets and identify what would be suitable to be in the cloud,
and what data sets should be in a more private environment. Wowrack also builds out and manages
entire private cloud infrastructures, which are single-tenant environments built specifically to an organization, for our clients.

Regardless if it is a private cloud or colocation setting, a capable IaaS can help integrate your private
infrastructure with what you have with a public cloud service, and even combine both networks so that
your colocation environment can privately and securely talk to what you have with your cloud service

As an example, Wowrack offers managed private cloud services, a dedicated environment custom-
tailored to your organization, but also allows you to connect to AWS, Azure, Google and more.

Additionally, Wowrack can also offer single server colocation all the way up to full cabinet colocation
and caged space colocation. This allows organizations to store their company-owned equipment in an
off-site mission-critical data center but also be able to combine this equipment with other cloud services
and even their offices, creating a true hybrid cloud experience.

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