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July 12, 2017 - Reny Pebriasari

Is a GPU Server the Right Choice for Your Business?

When it comes to managed hosting, there are a lot of various solutions out there that you can utilize to host your company’s network. But, depending on what kind of company you’re running, the type of solution that you use may differ from what another company would use. You may have considered using the cloud, or IaaS, but have you considered a GPU server?

Here’s what you need to know:


What is a GPU Server?

GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit. Though there are a lot of factors that go into how a GPU Server works, ultimately, it’s a way for the system to process computer graphics in a way that the CPU part of the computer can’t quite handle. To go off of that, a GPU server is when these GPU capabilities are installed into the server that the client will use. It’s, therefore, a very specific type of server, that allows certain companies to be able to do what they need to in terms of working with graphic-heavy applications and content.


What Kind of Companies are We Talking About?

As mentioned before, while a GPU server is a great thing to have for any company’s network, it’s really only useful for businesses in specific industries. GPU servers are necessary for companies that are in manufacturing and engineering computer design, scientific research, biometrics and healthcare, oil and gas, media and entertainment, etc. Of course, the common thread that links these kinds of companies is that they tend to work with graphics more so than others. Therefore, the kind of server they use needs to be able support that kind of graphic processing.


Wowrack provides the option for your business to utilize our reliable GPU servers, because we know you can’t settle for anything less. Contact us today to learn more.


The Benefits of Using a GPU Server

In addition to the incredible graphic processing capabilities you’ll experience with the help of a a GPU server, you may also get these other benefits depending on your provider:


  • A custom-crafted server designed just for you, that’s capable of handling complex applications.
  • Instant access and high speed performance.
  • The ability to run many tasks at once without slowing down.
  • Expert support when you need assistance.


 Nowadays, technology has gotten so advanced that there are different kinds servers, systems, and support options for all different types of businesses. Knowing whether or not a GPU server is right for your business is a good place to start!





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