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May 16, 2017 - admin

The Hybrid Cloud: The Best of Both Worlds in Your Cloud Hosting Service


For those who opt to have their network managed on a cloud, there are a lot of great benefits. It allows you to build your site when you what, where you want, and how you want, with storage space, security, and ultimately, a provider to manage it all for you.


Using the cloud allows you to have your data supported on a server that’s either designed specifically for you to manage your business’s needs and security (private cloud) or shared with others while you use a simple platform to build your site (public cloud). Some businesses tend to go with one over the other. But, if you’re finding that both public and private cloud options have features you need from both, then you should consider using Hybrid Cloud to settle the score.


After all, a Hybrid Cloud Hosting Service will meet you in the middle when you can’t decide on a public or private option.


The Best of Both Worlds

While a private cloud hosting service is good for businesses who need a customized infrastructure with stricter security, a public cloud hosting service gives users the ability to begin building right away. Both are scalable and can handle a decent amount of traffic on the network. However, when both have features that are so appealing, it can be hard to decide what’s best. Hence why a hybrid cloud is the ultimate solution.


A Hybrid Cloud service has the same tools to build your site as the public cloud does, while maintaining the single security of one dedicated server which you can of course find in the private cloud. This unique type of service combined with the right technology won’t leave you flustered with how to best handle your network.


Who Should Choose a Hybrid Cloud Hosting Service?

For one, the person or company who has a hard time choosing one thing over another will find a Hybrid Cloud Hosting Service to be a good option. However, that of course, shouldn’t be the reason a company or individual makes that choice.


This service is great for companies who are rapidly growing and are expecting more traffic while they continue to customize their site, data, and overall network. If your company is constantly re-adjusting your budget based on your technology and security needs, then the Hybrid Cloud is a good choice.


If a Public and Private Cloud both have things you like, the Hybrid Cloud Hosting Service was meant for you and your company. Wowrack’s Hybrid Cloud package is the best you’ll find.  Contact us today to learn more.


What You Can Expect to Get with Your Hybrid Cloud Host

  • Cost savings associated with what you typically get from deploying on a public cloud
  • Security and compliance standards as seen in the private cloud that your customers can rely on
  • A simple control panel to manage your site
  • SSD and bare metal hardware for high traffic and storage needs
  • Managed service and active monitoring 24/7


Don’t go back and forth on choosing between the public or private cloud hosting options. Make your life easier and start running your business with the Hybrid Cloud today!



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