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September 4, 2017 - Reny Pebriasari

Why It’s Important that Your Hosting Provider Has Been Around a While


These days, it’s easy to find a hosting provider that can help support your company’s specific needs. While you want to find a provider that has a lot of competitive credentials, there’s one thing that most clients don’t take into consideration but they should.

Even after your potential hosting provider has sold you on their various packages, level of support, reliable data centers, and overall costs, there’s still one thing left you should ask.

And, that question is, how long has this hosting provider been around?


Why History is Important

Technology changes every minute, and the way computers were handled twenty, ten, or even five years ago, has changed dramatically. While on one hand it might be good to go with a hosting provider that’s new to the game and definitely up to date on all the new technology, they’re lacking that relevant and reliable history. On the other hand, a company who has been around for ages has been able to grow with the times. They’ve likely seen it all, and they have experience taking on new or different responsibilities.
After all, would you rather go with a doctor in his residency or one who has been healing patients for twenty plus years?


It Takes Time to Develop a Business

Just like your business is growing, your potential hosting provider has also grown a lot, especially if they’ve been around a while. In this time that they have grown, they have learned what they’re are good at and have had time to learn from their mistakes as well. A hosting provider has had time to build upon the different structures they’ve been using, build more data centers, follow steps to becoming compliant, and have overcome any obstacles they’ve hit along the way.

Like any new company, an up and coming hosting provider may not quite yet have the tools to support you in the best way possible, since they are still learning how to do many things themselves for the very first time.

Going with a hosting provider that has a long, qualified history, can leave you feeling more certain about who and what you’re investing in.


Wowrack has been around since 2001 and has an impressive timeline. Contact us today to learn more about how our long experience as a hosting provider can help your company more than the new guy on the block.


Compliance and Security is a Priority

As a hosting provider that collects sensitive information from their clients, it’s imperative that they follow compliance laws, and that they guide you into practicing compliance laws with your own clients, too. If one party isn’t practicing this, it can put the other at risk. But, how does one come to perfect their compliance?

After years of experience, of course.

Going with a hosting provider who has been around for quite some time will leave you with less concern in this department.


Experienced Staff and Expert Equipment

When a hosting provider company is just a start-up, they need time to figure out who they are. Time that you don’t have to waste. Even if they have the best staff and they’re working with great equipment, they haven’t yet had time or money to expand on what they can potentially  offer in the future. But, a hosting company who has been around for awhile, likely does. Additionally, a company with history can also provide reliable testimonies that you can use to help you make your decision.


So, who will you go with?




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