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March 31, 2016 - admin

In The Cloud Or On The Ground?

in the cloud or on the ground


Remember when we used to talk about The Information Highway? It was this new and cool idea that
was starting to change the way the world communicated. It was fun, exciting, and new. Everyone and
their brother were trying to get involved and find a place they fit within it.

In the world we live in today, it’s all about what the next cool and big idea will be coming out next year.
A lot of focus has been lost on the now, and in doing so, the market has phased to rebranding old ideas
with a cool new name.

On The Ground?
Back in the day of Big Blue and bugs (You know, actual living bugs) shutting down your beastly
server, there was a firm understanding of what things were called. More so, there was a direct
coloration to what things actually were compared to what we called them.

A server was a server. It served things that we needed to remote locations. A bug was a bug, they would
crawl or fly into your system and cause a short circuit. A network was a network, connecting multiple
resources in a unified manner. Being on the ground was how we lived. But times have quickly changed.

In The Cloud?
Now days everything is in the cloud this, or in the cloud that. The concept of being higher than all other
things ever present. But don’t let this crafty new concept confuse you, not much has really changed.
The reality of the matter is that very little has changed, the technology supporting it has only gotten

When someone says to put it in the cloud, they are really telling you to get with the times. Cloud
computing is certainly not a new technology. It’s simply a series of multiple servers connected and
programmed to split and share resources. It’s the visualization and understanding that has made the
cloud concept thrive.

While a person may not know exactly how cloud computing or shared resources work, what they can
easily understand is the concept of a solution being provided in a large scale. It’s the connection of a
simple word to a large complicated system that makes the cloud terminology so effective.

So when it comes to getting in the cloud, what is really being asked is as follows. Do you have the
support of a large infrastructure. Is your company still paying the high cost of doing so? Or are you
getting your company in to the cloud, and letting someone else pay for the high costs?

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