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August 10, 2017 - Reny Pebriasari

How to Know if Your Potential Managed Hosting Provider is Worth It


Thinking of going with a managed hosting provider? There are a lot of things to consider. Beyond just choosing what kind of packages and solutions are best for your company, there’s first the whole question of, “Who do I go with?” Providers are competing with one another to give you the best service, and each one needs to have something that makes them stand apart from the rest. This can make the process of choosing an MSP a little complex, and more stress than you need. Of course, once you make your decision, you can leave the rest up to them.

But, before you even get there, here’s how to know if a potential managed service provider is worth it for you, and, if it’s the best choice of all the options out there.


What’s the Cost?

Before your business invests in any type of service, you need to make sure the cost is manageable with your budget, and if those services will actually pay off in the long term. While hosting services can really be beneficial for any business, there are some businesses that are just not financially ready for such a commitment. Additionally, you want to know what you’re getting into with those costs, and whether or not you may be overpaying or simply paying for something that you really don’t need.


How Does that Cost Compare to the Competition?

Nothing is free, but you don’t want to sign a contract just to find out there was a better option just around the corner. Even if you’re incredibly eager to get the process started, you need to take your time comparing the costs to others.


How Quick Can You Be Up and Running?

Speaking of being eager to start the process, you probably have a lot of expectations from the get go. One of your first questions is likely, “How long it will take to get me up and and running?” It would be a shame to put money down on a service you were expecting to receive much sooner, only to find out it’s going to take weeks before you’re on their radar.


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Are Contract Terms Flexible?

Some hosting providers have tight contracts. Once you sign them, that’s it. Obviously, that’s not an ideal scenario for a business who can’t quite predict how things will look like in a year or even a few months. While most businesses have a good sense of how they’re progressing, there’s never a hundred percent certainty that you’ll either have to downsize or add more space to your server in the future. And, if you signed a contract saying that you’re going to pay for something regardless, you could quickly find yourself in a money-draining rut.

Knowing that you’re signing a contract that’s honored but also flexible and serves as a living document is one of the most important factors in choosing the right managed service provider.


What’s the Process If and When There’s Problem?

There’s one keyword in “managed hosting provider” and that word is “provider.” This person or company you’re hiring is supposed to provide a service for you, and keep an eye on things 24/7. After all, what’s the point of paying for such a service if they aren’t going to be available when you need them? Your business doesn’t sleep, and neither should your server or the team overlooking it. Therefore, your MSP should be on-call, prepared with new hardware, equipment, and in-house services, as well as security monitoring and protection.


If you’re unclear about your current MSP candidates would respond to these questions, that you may need to keep looking.




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