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November 14, 2017 - Reny Pebriasari

Why the Microsoft Corporate Cloud Could Be a Great Choice for Your Business

Many business leaders who run large companies rely on Microsoft server products to get the job done. Microsoft has a wide range of products, platforms, and software to help businesses complete a variety of different tasks. This also gives these businesses the ability to complete these tasks securely. However, will all that Microsoft offers, it can be difficult to incorporate the features you like into an appropriate infrastructure design, that of which can be maintained by professionals.

But, experienced managed service providers have found a way to do this effectively, giving you the best of both worlds; everything you love about Microsoft, with the comfort of a secure, monitored, and customized infrastructure, best suited to fit your business’ needs.


The Three Different Types of a Microsoft Corporate Cloud

Here at Wowrack, we have found the most unique ways to combine Microsoft’s products and services with a very specifically designed cloud infrastructure. Keeping in mind that all businesses utilize Microsoft and the cloud for different reasons, these are the solutions we came up with:


Microsoft Exchange Server –

Do you want communication within your business to be smooth and easily accessible? Who doesn’t?


The Microsoft Exchange Server gives company administrators the ability to onboard your user email to the cloud. Your email will be moved over easily, and once it’s there, you can start sharing calendars and messages with other users — even those who aren’t moved to the same environment.


Microsoft Sharepoint –

Speaking of sharing, some businesses — especially those who are mostly operating remotely, need to have a platform where they can share documents, files, data, and other information to various users in their network. Sharing needs to be done quickly and efficiently, especially when company leaders need a workspace that allows them to collaborate on projects, without jumping through hoops. Microsoft Sharepoint gives users the ability to do all of these things.


Skype for Business –

Forget about communicating only through email. What about Skype? Skype for Business is one of the most popular tools companies use. Whether it’s to hold video conference calls with people in different locations, conduct interviews, or make free calls to other countries, Skype for Business adapted for the Microsoft Corporate Cloud is the way to go. With this set-up, you can add up to 250 people to a secure call — even if they aren’t on Skype for Business.


Wowrack has partnered with Microsoft to deliver mission critical application infrastructure to our customers. Contact us to learn more!


Why You Should Go this Route

As you can see, the Microsoft Corporate Cloud gives businesses the flexibility, security, and stability to do what they need to do. Because each one of these corporate cloud solutions is based on Microsoft server products, you already know that what you’re getting is reliable. Why go any other route?


Keeping it Simple

Your managed cloud hosting provider should be doing everything they can to develop the best monitored infrastructure for your business. Because so many businesses are already utilizing Microsoft server products, you shouldn’t have to depart from that in order to grow your infrastructure, expand your business, and keep your current setup maintained professionally.

Switching to a managed cloud hosting provider doesn’t mean you have to abandon what you’ve been using all this time. Likewise, if you’re not already using Microsoft products, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity to start now. Time to bring together the best scenario for your business.





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