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June 13, 2018 - Ellen

On Prem Storage vs. Offsite Private Cloud Storage


From Hyper-Converged, software-defined to shared-nothing (SN), there are many different options for an IT administrator to consider.

What is private cloud storage? And why might you choose private cloud storage over on-prem?

While some organizations keep data on-site due to compliance, legal or security concerns they might have, having data on-site at your office is a lot more riskier than storing this data in a data center, designed with security, access-controls and redundancies in network, power and cooling.  Having data on-site increases your risk of theft, downtime, and reduces your ability to scale up.  Furthermore, the management of this infrastructure can be tiresome and unproductive for your organization.

Every company is unique, and everyone will have different IT needs. Virtually every company can benefit from some type of cloud data storage. Whether you choose private, public, or hybrid cloud storage depends on your data storage needs. Like public and hybrid clouds, a private cloud is a virtual storage environment. Unlike public cloud, however, a private cloud is a single-tenant environment.

Tailored to Your Needs

Because private cloud storage is a single-tenant environment, you get complete control over the storage space. You have the final say in any changes that your storage environment may need. Furthermore, a private cloud environment provides you with scalability, so that your storage space can grow as your business grows. You’ll have no need for constant updates. Instead, your cloud storage can move at your pace.

Fully Managed Solutions

With Wowrack, you get a fully managed private cloud storage solution. As a IT leader, you often have to deal with details and make decisions about things that pull your attention away from your main focus. Managing your data should not be yet another task added to your list. At Wowrack, we provide fully managed storage solutions so that you don’t have to worry about it. While you do have the final say and full control, we take care of all of the frustrating parts of storage management.

Private Cloud Storage from A to Z

With private cloud storage, we can take care of every detail from start to finish. At Wowrack, we always begin by consulting with our clients to get to know them and understand their data storage needs. After the consultation, we custom build the perfect storage solution based on those needs. We then implement those storage plans, and as previously stated, we manage the cloud environment so that our clients don’t have to worry about it. We take care of everything so that you can focus on revenue generating tasks.

The Wowrack Difference

At Wowrack, our clients have been our central focus from the very beginning. We don’t work with generic solutions. We want to build the plan that will work beautifully with your company’s needs. If you’re ready to start working with your own private cloud storage space, contact us today. Visit our home page to schedule your free consultation, or reach us via phone at 1-866-883-8808.


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