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July 3, 2016 - Jesse Jones

Selling Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Selling backup as a service has become a great way for entrepreneurs to increase their income. Whether you simply sell the service, or add value through providing a service of your own, selling backup as a service through the Wowrack Partnership Program can be extremely profitable.
In order to start selling backup as a service, you will need to join our partnership program, choosing the right type of partner program that best matches your business needs. Once your account has been approved, it’s to time start selling.

Benefits of selling Wowrack BaaS

The infrastructure behind our backup service has been built from the ground up, and is powered by one of the industries leading software technologies. The very core of this product is designed to be efficient and affordable for everyone. The good news for you, is theres money to be made.

  • No upfront cost
  • Make money before and after sale
  • Residual income
  • Customer gets full support access
  • Never touch a server
  • Never touch code

Our partnership program is pretty simple and self explanatory. You grab the link to our backup as a service page from your partnership affiliate panel which includes your referral code, and use that code to promote the product. You can use emails, your website, social media, or any other ethical method of generating qualified leads.

Start selling Backup as a Service, Become a Wowrack Partner.

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