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August 21, 2017 - Reny Pebriasari

What Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and How Can It Benefit Your Business?


Utilizing the appropriate technology in your business gives you the opportunity to do so much more with less time, less resources, and less money overall. Technology helps make completing tasks easily, by giving you the option to take care of everything in one application; one solution to check everything you need to off your to-do list, while keeping colleagues up to date. When you have the right technology, you can spend more time doing what you do best, and less time on repetitive tasks.

That’s why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a great solution for your business. And, when you have an expert manage this infrastructure, you’ll be in for a real treat. Here’s how it works.


What is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, gives you the opportunity to access the workings of your entire company with just a click of your button. Every task you need to handle can be configured from your smartphone, computer, or another device. This means if you’re on the go, leave your laptop behind, or need to sneak out of a movie theater to quickly take care of something, it can be done.


What Industries is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Ideal For?

Any company could really benefit from a VDI, but there are certain companies within specific industries where it may be more ideal. For example, one industry you may see VDI is within construction and project management companies. These companies need to keep their workers, contractors, investors, and anyone else who may be involved, kept in the loop of what’s going on. With VDI, it’s very unlikely that any form of miscommunication will occur.

Additionally,  tasks can sometimes change from day-to-day, and if you want to stay organized, a VDI will help you with that. That being said, you don’t want just any VDI solution. You need a VDI that has an environment properly deployed and managed thereafter by your provider, as well as training services for you as the user, and of course, security.


Wowrack offers flexible plans for your virtual desktop infrastructure, which are fully scalable and reliable. Contact us today to learn more.


What Can I Expect if I Start Using a VDI for my Business?

The great thing about a virtual desktop infrastructure is that it can be designed to cater to the specific needs of your business. No matter how large or small your business is, any project that’s important to you should be equally as important to your provider. In addition to making work on the go a possibility, you can also expect these benefits from a virtual desktop infrastructure:

  • Real-time markup capability on construction plans.
  • Instant updates on blueprints and plans, so everyone is up to date.
  • Lots of storage space (scalability).
  • High performance rates.
  • The ability to instantly message your team.
  • Instant break/fix solutions if something goes wrong.
  • Multi-cloud connection abilities if you’re already deployed.
  • Maintenance when you need it.
  • End-to-end, compliant security.

Does it sound like a VDI is right for you? Give it a try, and decide for yourself. It’ll be the best decision you made for your company.




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