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July 6, 2016 - Jesse Jones

What Is Cloud Backup?

It’s in the cloud! But what is cloud backup, and how does it effect my business? Cloud technology has became popular over the last few years, but the cloud can be confusing. Where is the cloud and where are my files going? These are some questions I want to answer for you here.

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup is a data backup solution leveraging cloud computing technology. In the past, large amounts of hardware, server space, power, and IT staff were the best solution for properly protecting the precious data your company ran on. In today’s world, cloud backup provides an easier solution.

Companies like Wowrack now provide the hardware, server space, power and IT staff required to handle large amounts of secure data. While your company may still choose to keep some amount of data locally, you can now offload the majority of your backup expenses to the Wowrack Cloud.


What is the Wowrack Cloud?

The Wowrack Cloud is a highly sophisticated network of computers built around redundancy and security. When your data gets sent to our cloud backup servers, its stored wtihin our SSAE-16 certified secure Datacenter in Seattle WA.

There are many advantages to using a cloud backup service. To learn more about the Wowrack Cloud Backup, please visit https://www.wowrack.com/cloud-backup

You may also contact our Business Team by calling 1.866.883.8808

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