What Wowrack Does—And How We Can Help You

September 25, 2020 - Okta Reyna Dwitanaya

What Wowrack Does—And How We Can Help You

Wowrack IT for business

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, daily IT usage has increased significantly across the globe, including in the US. With greater IT usage comes greater IT needs, specifically for businesses.

Nowadays, IT is no longer exclusive for specific types and sizes of businesses as every single business needs IT to maintain their continuity. According to a survey published on Small Business Trends, 92% of US small businesses has migrated to IT-driven business models to maintain continuity and productivity.

Additionally, businesses need IT tools to support remote working or enable their customers access their services digitally. In other words, this means that almost all businesses—perhaps yours too—are adapting to a new way of doing stuffs. Adaptation might seem complicated and difficult but, still, business must go on.

That’s where Wowrack can help you.

What Wowrack Does

We at Wowrack understand that any business wants to remain productive during this kind of circumstance as we have also witnessed this occurrence by ourselves. Many of our existing and new clients have told us that they also need more IT services to boost their productivity.

Some of the services that our existing and new clients need to help their businesses running these days are:

  • Managed Private Cloud Service
    Private cloud is a single tenant, client-specific cloud computing customized specially to your actual needs. This service is getting more critical as every business needs a more secure and flexible IT infrastructure to meet their diverse needs.

  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Services
    Disaster recovery and backup services is not only critical but also integral to business continuity plan and management. What Wowrack does to accommodate this is that we can flexibly adjust the service delivery to your budgetary and system needs without risking the quality and security.

  • Hybrid Cloud Management
    Since IT needs are getting diverse, we understand that one type of clouds does not fit all needs. That is why we can manage your different cloud infrastructure or on-premises, you name it.

  • And many more to mention.

How Wowrack Can Help You

During these surreal times, we completely understand that everyone is desperately trying to survive. That’s why we won’t exploit you. What we want is a relationship that mutually benefits you and us. Accordingly, here’s how we can help you.

  • Accommodating Your Actual Needs
    We will deliver what you actually need instead of what you think you need. This has been part of our client-centric commitment since we started our journey two decades ago.

  • Working Professionally alongside You
    We commit ourselves to become a true cloud partner, so we will do our best to do so. We are 24/7 ready to assist you with what you need. Of course, by 24/7, we really mean it.

  • Delivering the Best Services and Products Possible
    It’s true that we can adjust our services to your budget, but we won’t give you a second-rate service. Once we’re in agreement, we will deliver our best team, services, and products for you.

  • Managing Your IT Needs
    In this difficult time, we understand that it’s taxing for you to think of your core business and manage your IT at the same time. Rest assured as we can manage your IT needs so you can focus on maintaining your business.

How You Can Help Us

Actually, we also need your help to understand you better. To do so, you can consult with our team. We will listen to your needs so that we can execute and deliver what you need better.

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