wowrack belongs to top 10 global private and hybrid cloud providers 2020

February 23, 2021 - doddy

Wowrack Belongs to Top 10 Global Private and Hybrid Cloud Providers 2020

Back in 2001, when Wowrack began its journey for the first time in global hosting markets, we put in mind that we were doing more than delivering a service. We were also delivering a quality, a need that our customers require.

Almost two decades after, precisely in 2020, Wowrack ranked 7th and 8th as the best private and hybrid cloud providers respectively according to HostReview. The 15th Annual Web Hosting Awards put Wowrack as one of world’s top ten cloud providers alongside big players in the market.

The assessment, accordingly, covers the overall quality of services a hosting company delivers to the clients. In other words, this includes technology, security, support teams, and so forth. Also, the reviewer evaluates how a company perceives emerging trends and solves complex challenges businesses face worldwide.

But what does this have to do with Wowrack—and, especially, with you?

Wowrack Delivers a Service Quality to Global Customers

Upon delivering services, our team follows strict protocols and such standards as SOC2 Type II/SSAE 18. This is to ensure that everything will go according to plan and nothing goes wrong in the process. Long story short, it is part of our commitment to always deliver the best quality our customers can get.

We completely understand that our customers’ businesses are critical. They, indifferent from us, have customers that they have to accommodate 24/7. There are needs that they have to cater and that is why failure is not an option.

That being said, how can they smoothly facilitate their customers without having a reliable infrastructure that runs without a problem?

This becomes a critical mission that Wowrack has: to provide the best IT infrastructure solutions for our customers. The infrastructure that we provide varies. Depending of what customers need, Wowrack has private, public, and hybrid cloud, as well as colocation.

However, to know what you actually need better, we suggest you to consult to the expert. After all, we can agree that self-diagnosis can oftentimes lead to a more problematic outcome.

However, after getting into one of the prestigious awards in the world, here comes the following question. What’s next?

Wowrack will always commit to deliver the best services that our customers actually need. In so doing, we will continuously improve our services better, whether in terms of technology or support.

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