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June 22, 2016 - Jesse Jones

Wowrack Interview with ReviewBox

I had the opportunity last month to Interview with ReviewBox. I had a good time chatting with Rienzi and had a lot of fun doing it. We talked about Wowrack as a company, our rapid growth, and about some Wowrack products.

ReviewBox demos and reviews a whole host of online services including online data backup and hosting platforms. They have some really great reviews and have kindly added ours amongst them. Read the full article.

From the interview:

As more and more venture into web hosting industry, what do you think is the secret sauce that sets you apart from the competition? Do you have different standards and norms executed inside and outside the company?

I think the most often lost aspect to a good company is excitement. If you look at any successful company (Google, Tesla, etc) the one thing that sticks out the most is how excited their employees are to be there. The secret sauce is creating an environment your employees want to be part in. Give them the excitement and a reason to make the company better, and your company will do well.

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