Wowrack - Managed Service (Single)

MANAGED HOSTING - Managed Service


Offered Product Solutions:

managed-his-dota   Single Dedicated Server
managed-his-dota   Single Colocation Server


managed-his-dota   $150 per month per server.
managed-his-dota   Custom Managed Services pricing is available. Please contact our sales team at for quotes.

Included Wowrack Services:

managed-his-dota   All services provided in Basic Managed Service.
managed-his-dota  Four hours of managed services performed by a Tier 1 Engineer

When Single Server Services is ordered with a new server contract, the customer is eligible for another four additional bonus hours during the first month of service.

managed-his-dota   Additional Five Port Monitors

Customers can specify up to five other port monitors in addition to the Icmp remote access port monitor included in Basic Managed Service.

managed-his-dota   Access to Hyperspin External Monitoring System

Wowrack has partnered with Hyperspin,--a 3rd party monitoring company --in order to provide customers with monitoring capabilities from servers deployed all around the world. One monitor will be provided.

managed-his-dota   Shared KVM/IP Access

A shared KVM/IP access will be connected to the Single Managed server for emergency remote management purposes.


managed-his-dota  Single Managed Servicer contract is required for a minimum of six consecutive months. If customer opts to cancel prior to the six months requirements, additional cancellation fee may apply.
managed-his-dota  Unused hours will expire at the end of the month and cannot be carried over to next month period.
managed-his-dota   Hours are not transferable between different servers. Additional hours are billed with pricing schedule listed in "On-Demand" Managed service support.

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