Managed Hosting

Offered Product Solutions:

  1. Single Dedicated Server
  2. Single Colocation Server


  1. $150 per month per server.
  2. Custom Managed Services pricing is available. Please contact our sales team at sales@wowrack.com for quotes.

Included Wowrack Services:

  1. All services provided in Basic Managed Service
  2. Four hours of managed services performed by a Tier 1 Engineer
    When Single Server Services is ordered with a new server contract, the customer is eligible for another four additional bonus hours during the first month of service.
  3. Additional Five Port Monitors
    Customers can specify up to five other port monitors in addition to the Icmp remote access port monitor included in Basic Managed Service.
  4. Access to Hyperspin External Monitoring System
    Wowrack has partnered with Hyperspin,--a 3rd party monitoring company --in order to provide customers with monitoring capabilities from servers deployed all around the world. One monitor will be provided.
  5. Shared KVM/IP Access
    A shared KVM/IP access will be connected to the Single Managed server for emergency remote management purposes.


  1. Single Managed Servicer contract is required for a minimum of six consecutive months. If customer opts to cancel prior to the six months requirements, additional cancellation fee may apply.
  2. Unused hours will expire at the end of the month and cannot be carried over to next month period.
  3. Hours are not transferable between different servers. Additional hours are billed with pricing schedule listed in "On-Demand" Managed service support.