Wowrack - Managed Network Infrastructure


Wowrack Managed Network Infrastructure

Wowrack is able to deploy customized, highly redundant routing environment multiple border and core routing equipments. We can also help clients setup routing connectivity to major Internet exchanges in the United States and throughout the world


Web Servers

Having multiple Web servers in a Web Farm is one of the most typical ways to attain high uptime. Wowrack is familiar with various Web server technologies such as Apache, Tomcat, IIS, Lighttpd, and Nginx.


Wowrack is able to provide all levels of bandwidth connectivity from a single dedicated 100Mbps line to multiple 10Gbps backbone connection.


Load Balancing

Load balancing is a key component to having a highly robust/redundant infrastructure. Wowrack is partnered with F5 Networks and Coyotepoint, leaders in load balancing solutions. Let Wowrack help deploy your load balancing solution geographically within single, multiple, or global locations.

Database Servers

Attaining high performance and a highly available database infrastructure is one of the keys to having a successful Web Farm infrastructure. Wowrack can provide MySQL clustering solutions, MySQL master slave replication topologies, and Microsoft SQL server clustering solutions.



We know how to provide optimization in various segments of your Web Farm infrastructure; including: Web server optimization, database request optimization, routing and switching optimization, as well as cost-saving hardware selection optimization.

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