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Construction & Property Management

As a construction company, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From building blueprint designs, renovation modeling, general contracting, to winning bids. Projects can become extremely complex, extremely quick. With workers always on the go, making sure the completion of projects and day-to-day tasks get done on time is mission-critical.

Whether you are a small to medium-sized firm or even an enterprise, technical support is vital to your success. You need a tool that can easily manage the environment you want to deploy and ensure that your staff are trained and brought up to speed in a pinch. We know that you struggle with keeping everyone connected on the go, managing the growing need for technology, all while staying secure.

We’re here to help.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Management That’s Right For You


Simply put; VDI gives you access to your entire company at the touch of your fingertips. Whether you’ve got a smartphone, tablet device, or laptop, with VDI, you’ve got a window to access all your files and data on every device. Laptop fall off the tailgate? No problem, whip out your smartphone as if you didn’t even miss a beat.

At Wowrack, we’ll partner with you to implement the perfect scalable solution for your business. We aim to deliver a smooth and consistent end-user experience that makes a paperless jobsite a reality with:

  1. Swift application virtualization.
  2. High performance storage scalability.
  3. Rollback layers for instant break/fix solutions.
  4. Quick and hassle-free maintenance.

Some of the collaborative technologies we use include

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
VMWare Horizon View
Citrix XENDesktop

Real-Time Construction Collaboration


Virtualize your desktops within minutes and allow users to install their own applications on any device for fluid centralized management between multiple environments.

  1. Overlay instant updates to all your plans and blueprints.
  2. Instant message with your team from any device with unified communications.
  3. Do markups on the go.
  4. Share all your notes and revisions with your entire team in real-time.

Already deployed with Amazon's AWS, Microsoft's Azure, or Google Cloud? Gain the competitive edge by implementing a hybrid infrastructure with our secure single tenant solution to create a multi-cloud approach. Add more flexibility to your current infrastructure with our MegaWow Direct Connect & Express Route. With this unique technology we can augment your business with the power of true data interoperability.

Security & Peace of Mind


Are you working with clients that need to address compliance with PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, COBIT, or FISMA? Our Compliant Hosting Solution provides rock-solid security & theft prevention to protect sensitive information. Security ranks at the top of our priorities, so no matter if your laptops or terminals get lost or accidentally fail in the field or office, with VDI, your company’s data will remain intact and safe since each endpoint device has no locally stored data tethered to it. Other benefits include:

  1. Multi-factor authentication for enhanced protection on end-user access.
  2. Sharefile integration to allow access to your files anywhere in an encrypted state on or off-premise.
  3. Centralized security eliminates VPN gaps for fast-tracking, optimized, and secure use of enterprise applications.

Wowrack will provision and manage for end-to-end security across any architecture for your ease of use. We make data management ultra-simple, but most importantly secure and compliant to meet all your privacy and regulatory requirements.

Reduce Overhead


Are you spending too much maintaining and managing your IT setup? It’s a simple reality that to grow and stay competitive you need to stay-up-to-date on the technology of construction. Unlike other Managed Service Providers, Wowrack is completely flexible when it comes to our solutions. We will gladly fully manage, co-manage, or let you take the wheel entirely in managing your infrastructure. This saves you money.

Cut down on the work required to maintain large volumes of images and virtualize more applications with:

  1. More control on business growth while reducing IT spend with our Managed Services.
  2. Improved remote site access for foremen and project managers on the job.
  3. Rest at ease knowing your data is backed with around-the-clock security protection.

How do we compare to using Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

We get this question often and it is important to understand some of the key differences between how we compare to the likes of AWS, Google Platform, and Microsoft's Azure.


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1. Multi-Tenant vs. Single-Tenant

With Wowrack, the solution we provide you will be a single-tenant environment; that is to say the entire physical setup will be dedicated for only your use, solely for your business. With AWS, Azure, and Google, your data is housed within a multi-tenant, shared, environment. Wowrack IaaS is private, nothing is shared. This can provide your business with adherence to higher compliancy needs, security (peace of mind), and an overall performant setup for your systems.

2. Do you need Managed Services or help understanding how to migrate to the Cloud?

Managing your infrastructure can be a headache. Wowrack offers in person, fully managed services (enterprise Tier3 support). AWS, Azure, Google do not. With Wowrack, we have on demand, network engineers and system administrators staffed 24/7/365 at your disposal, ready when you need it. If your team has too much on their plate or you don't have enough resources internally, why take on more work yourself? Let us handle the heavy lifting for you. Furthermore, everything will be clearly listed on a single invoice.

3. Let's sit down and chat​

Wowrack will personally come to you on an initial consulting engagement. Together, we will dive in deeper technically, through a discovery phone call or in person meet up. Alongside your team, we will identify current pain points and plan for future growth to help your Cloud and network infrastructure scale and handle specific high availability, security, and redundancy requirements. If you prefer to visit us, we'd love to have you come by and tour our 19,000+ sq ft facility and offer a private showing of our flagship, HQ Data Center.

MegaWow is now available!

*Wowrack now offers our MegaWow SD-WAN connectivity up to AWS/Azure/Google. Our Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) technology provides layer 2 transport (Direct Connections) which will allow your organization to freely move data workloads on demand, via our utility, pay per use model.
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