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July 19, 2017 - Reny Pebriasari

How GPU Servers Integrate DDoS Protection and Mitigation

Utilizing a GPU server that’s specific to your business’ needs is a great way to efficiently manage the server capacity that your industry normally deals with. But, in addition to having your network setup and monitored by a managed hosting provider, there are other benefits that come with such a service. One of these major benefits is a reliable security component. After all, when a third party is managing your entire system, they are also responsible for making sure that system, or server, stays protected.

While most managed hosting options do their best to guarantee security, it’s good to know what that means. So, in the case of GPU servers, one thing to note is how well an MSP can integrate DDoS protection and mitigation into the overall package.


What is DDoS?

Most companies are familiar with DDoS attacks. But, if you need a refresher, DDoS is a sophisticated type of attack that stands for “Distributed Denial of Service.” This happens when multiple compromised systems flood the bandwidth of a targeted system (in this case your GPU server) by overloading it with traffic it can’t handle. This would of course be hard to stop and would quickly disrupt a company’s operations, by making it hard to filter out legitimate traffic versus unreliable traffic.

Some ways in which a company may realize a DDoS attack is happening is by noticing website behavior that’s out of the norm. This can include anything from rapidly increasing traffic (with no explanation), slow network (or slow loading of graphics on GPU servers), and the inability of users to access certain pages or the entire website altogether.


Why DDoS Protection is Important in GPU Servers

While any company should be proactive in preventing any kind of cyber security attack, it’s true that no two attacks are the same. Certain attacks are also more likely to happen on certain servers more so than others.

Though the industries that would require a GPU server (scientific research, engineering and computer design, media and entertainment, etc) can really be prone to any type of cyber security attack, DDoS attacks tend to be more common here.

And, since GPU servers are used for the sole purpose of speeding up functions, anything that can get in the way of that can cost your company big time. Companies who rely heavily on graphics and complex apps need a server that can support that kind of thing. Therefore, anything that could potentially slow down the server is a big risk to the company. Hence, DDoS attacks need to be prevented as best as they can be.


In addition to providing great solutions for your company in a GPU server, Wowrack will also take extra precautions in making sure your server is protected from DDoS attacks. Contact us today to learn more.


The Bottom Line

Your MSP will take all kinds of measures to protect your GPS server from a DDoS attack. However, nothing is ever 100% preventable. That’s why in addition to protection, they also help with mitigation. This means that in the case an attack does occur, they’ll do what they can to minimize the damage and get you up and running in no time.



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