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2U Rack Server Colocation Services

Maximize your business's potential with our 2U Rack Server Colocation Services. Our data center facilities offer a secure, resilient, and environmentally efficient location, ensuring scalability and efficiency.

Our 2U Rack Server Colocation Services Can Help Solve Your Company's Challenges

Our 2U Rack Server Colocation Services are expertly tailored to meet your needs. They effectively address space constraints and ensure cost-effective infrastructure management for your business's success. Our unyielding support and flexible options empower you to focus confidently on your business.

Several Problems That We Help Solve

Cost Burden
Cost Burden
The financial challenges of building and maintaining on-site data centers are real. They put pressure on budgets and impede investment in crucial areas of expansion and creativity.
Security Risks
Security Risks
Insufficient security measures put businesses at risk of cyber threats like data breaches and malware attacks, jeopardizing sensitive information, reputation, and customer trust.
Space Constraints
Space Constraints
Expanding IT infrastructure poses significant challenges for businesses due to space constraints, which can hinder scalability and productivity in the face of rising tech demands.
Maintenance Challenges
Maintenance Challenges
Running IT infrastructure without access to professional assistance can result in inefficiencies and system downtime, disrupting critical operations and hindering productivity.

Why Wowrack 2U Rack Server Rack Colocation Services?

Choose Wowrack for 2U Rack Server Colocation and experience cutting-edge solutions customized to meet your needs, guaranteeing optimal resource utilization and seamless scalability for your business operations.
Cost Efficiency
Cost Efficiency
By teaming up with others to share infrastructure costs, you can significantly reduce the expenses of constructing and upkeeping dedicated facilities.
Improved Security
Improved Security
Take advantage of our advanced security measures and rigorous protocols in our facility, ensuring the safekeeping of your most vital assets and data.
Scalable Growth
Scalable Growth
We offer adaptable rack space options, allowing seamless expansion or downsizing of your IT infrastructure to meet evolving business requirements.
Expert Support
Expert Support
We enable you access to our professional help for upkeep, problem-solving, and enhancement, guaranteeing seamless functioning and reducing downtime.
Our 2U rack server colocation services offer flexible solutions, affordable hosting, enhanced security measures, and personalized assistance to ensure uninterrupted business operations.



  1. In which location do you provide this service?
    1. Currently, we are only offering 2U cabinets in our Tukwila Datacenter.
    2. If you are interested in another location, please get in touch with us.
  2. How much is the monthly cost, and what is included by default?
    The monthly cost is USD 100, and you will get:

    1. 1 amp@208v from 2 diverse PDU/UPS,
    2. 5 IPs,
    3. 100 Mbps on 1 Gig port on 95% tile or 10TB bandwidth on 1 Gig port, and
    4. on-demand KVM/IP (free to use up to 24 hours at a time).
  3. Is there a contract?
    1. You can do this on a month-to-month contract if you need a "default 2U space," as listed above. Fill out the order form below to place your "default 2U space" order. You can come in the next business day to bring your server and install it.
    2. If you need custom cross-connect or BGP, we will prepare your cabinet in up to 3 business days, and we would require 12 months' contracts.
  4. Do I need a rail in the cabinet?
    The shelf in the 2U cabinet is very sturdy and can easily handle a 70-pound server. You can lay your server inside the cabinet without any rail.
  5. Does the PDU support remote reboot?
    No, the PDU does not support remote reboot capability. You can open a ticket with our support team if you need a reboot. Our DC is staffed 24/7 and provides reboots free of charge.
  6. How many power outlets do I get in my 2U cabinet?
    1. By default, you get 2 power outlets: 1 from UPS-A and another outlet from UPS-B for power redundancy.
    2. If you are allocated 3A of power, you can use the 3A from whichever PDU. We monitor based on the aggregate of all power outlets assigned to you in your 2U space.
  7. Can I get 110v power?
    No, we only offer 208v power in our 2U cabinet.
  8. I need to power multiple small devices. Can I install a power strip inside my 2U space?
    Yes, you can do that. You can also use Y cable.
  9. My server does not have power fans to move air from the front of the cold aisle of the cabinet to the rear. Can I mount an exhaust fan on the rear door to exhaust the hot air from my cabinet?
    Yes, you can. Please let us know if you want to do this so we can assist you in ensuring the cable routing and mounting of the fan are secure.
  10. Can I get more power?
    1. Yes, you can use more than 1amp without prior notification.
    2. If you use more than 1amp@208v, you will be automatically charged an additional $50/month/amp over your allocated 1amp. (in increments of 1amp). For example:
      • If you use 1.3amp, you will be charged $50/month extra starting from your next billing cycle onward.
      • If you use 2.4amps, you will be charged $100/month extra starting your next billing cycle onward.
  11. What is the maximum power I can use in 2U space?
    The maximum power you can use in a 2U cabinet is 3amps@208v
  12. Can I get redundant power?
    By default, you get redundant power outlets from 2 diverse UPS for redundancy.
  13. Can I get 3amps from 1 PDU and another 3amps from another PDU?
    No, we give you 2 power outlets for redundancy purposes, not for additional capacity. So, if you get 3amps of power, you can use 1amp on PDU-A and 2amps on PDU-B or 0amps on PDU-A and 3amps on PDU-B.
  14. What happens if I use more than 3amps of power?
    1. If your power usage is over 3 amps, we will notify you of the power overage condition. You must remedy the situation as soon as possible, not more than 72 hours after notification.
    2. You will be billed $50/amp for any power over your 1amp allocation (increment of 1amp)
  15. Why can't I use more than 3amps in my 2U space?
    The PDU in the cabinet has been designed to allocate 3 amps per 2U. If everyone uses more than 3 amps, the PDU breaker can trip and cause an outage in the same cabinet. This is why we strictly do not allow anyone to use more than 3 amps per 2U cabinet.
  16. Will I have 24/7 access to my 2U cabinet?
    Yes. You will get one key card to access your cabinet 24/7 by default.
  17. Can I get additional key card access for another person?
    Yes, there will be a one-time cost of $50 for the additional key card.
  18. Can I get remote hand support?
    1. Yes, our DC is staffed 24/7.
    2. Best-effort physical remote hands are provided free of charge, such as racking new devices, labeling cables, and rebooting.
    3. Urgent physical remote hands are charged $80/hour (15-minute increment).
  19. Can I get KVM/IP?
    We offer free use of KVM/IP on demand for up to 24 hours.
  20. Can I get more IPs?
    Yes, you can.
  21. Can I use my own provider?
    Yes, our DC is carrier-neutral.
  22. What is your on-net provider?
    1. As of 5/2024, we have Astound, Cogent, ATT, and Xfinity (Comcast).
    2. We have diverse transport to the Westin Building.
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