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Regardless if it is private cloud, colocation or business continuity planning and execution, our customers have come to trust us as their ultimately cloud solutions provider for all things related to server and cloud infrastructure and beyond! Moreover, not only do we provide the physical solution, but we also back our service with our phenomenal support engineering team available to you 24/7/365 on-demand with the option of proactive management.


Private Cloud Hosting

Cost-effective single-tenant customized solutions built client-specific. We mix and match various hardware and software components to meet the demands of your organization while optionally managing all or aspects of your environment.

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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Combine the benefits of the public cloud with the privacy and security of a Wowrack private cloud. Wowrack gives you the freedom to get the best of both worlds in addition to allowing you to even combine your multi-cloud infrastructure with your own equipment that you may already own!

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Managed Hosting

Our team of 24/7/365 engineers are standing by to provide unparalleled support including maintenance of your cloud infrastructure layer from datacenter physical layer, cloud layer, up to your Application infrastructure layer such as database, web services, security services, and disaster recovery as a service.

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When you need to address compliance with HIPAA rules and OCR (Office for Civil Rights) audits, our unique solution is your all-in-one answer to stopping unauthorized access, protecting your network from internal & external threats, keeping your applications up-to-date, and securing your valuable data. We will help you become audit-ready for all your HIPAA compliant needs.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

How much would one hour of downtime cost you? What about a whole day? Wowrack provides the support you need when disaster strikes, offering cost-effective geo-diverse cloud solutions. Work with Wowrack to plan for optimal business continuity planning developed based off your organizational needs.

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Wowrack is often seen as an extension of our clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies and looks to us for trusted, sound advice with a reliable service to back it up.


Diverse Experience

Wowrack employs over 100 direct employees with a multitude of experience in various technologies including (but not limited to) VMware, Hyper-V, Cloudstack, Open Stack, all Linux flavors and associated open-source software, Docker, Chef, and so much more!


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If we are not going above and beyond the call of duty, we have failed. Our customers expect the best when dealing with Wowrack. We are a client-driven company that cares immensely for our customers and delivering what they actually need vs. what the client thinks they need.


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Wowrack works very hard to provide a solid service that is also cost effective. We do this by working very closely with your personnel to establish what your real needs are and make sure you get the perfect solution that will satisfy those needs. We will not sell you something that you do not need!

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Diving Deeper into Cloud Cost Savings

12 September 2018     09:26:16


One of the first questions often asked when considering the transition to cloud-based computing is: where are the real, discernable cloud cost savings? While cloud security concerns are also one of the most frequently asked questions, ensuring that the transition to a cloud infrastructure will result in a positive effect on their financial bottom line is undoubtedly up there on the list as well, and for good reason!

Economics of Scale

One of the highlights of the cloud model is that it operates on scale, meaning that the utilization of resources depends solely on the workload needs. You will never need to purchase more than you will actually use, so you can rest assured that whatever cloud computing costs you incur are applicable to a productive reason.

Additionally, cloud hosting can extremely customizable when taking a hybrid cloud approach or even a private cloud approach, and can be a great fit for practically all business models. Depending on your privacy needs and concerns, you can choose from a variety of options, such as:

Reduced Overhead

In an ideal business world, you want to reduce overhead while maintaining or even increasing efficiency within your infrastructure. In fact, this is an objective that is actually attainable through the implementation of cloud computing or even colocation, whereby moving will likely result in reduced man-hours and expenses of:

  • Maintaining UPS & Generators
  • Maintaining server infrastructure
  • Maintaining HVAC/CRAH/CRAC units
  • Ensuring network availability 24/7
  • Managing security of server infrastructure space

Additionally, on top of the reduced overhead, you also gain a much more sophisticated enterprise setup over your typical office setting, especially considering a DC has multiple network lines from diverse paths vs the single-line implementation for your run-of-the-mill office setup.

Re-Focus Resources on More Revenue-Generating IT Functions

After migrating your current on-premises infrastructure to cloud hosting through a managed hosting provider, you can then reallocate excess funds towards higher-ROI IT tasks functions. By moving the day-to-day management to your provider, you can free up more time and budget to re-focus on other objectives. Some companies such as Wowrack even offer 24/7/365 service for their clients, which allows you to get the recommended level of monitoring and network security without draining the budget or your employees’ time.

This additional support level can help catch threats before they evolve into full-fledged attacks, so you won’t have to use costly manpower as well as hard dollars to not only fix the issue but ensure it doesn’t happen again. While a lot of the tips here focus on cost savings on the immediate front, this point does speak to the future savings that can be attributed to preventative measures for combating DDoS attacks and other threats to your network security.

Consider Colocation Services

For some organizations, moving to a cloud infrastructure is a hard sell for management.  However even still, keeping your equipment on premises has many risks, and lots of overhead, as mentioned above.  Obtaining colocation services can be great cost savings for your business and with some colocation providers, such as ourselves, they can oftentimes provide managed services despite your equipment being company-owned.  Depending on the scope of needed, as well as your privacy concerns, you may be able to choose between sharing a cabinet space (only when doing single-server colocation)  or renting one for your business alone. For example, Wowrack offers the following server sizes to its colocation partners:

  • Single server shared colocation
  • Full private locking cabinet
  • Partitioned private locking cabinets
    • 1/2 cabinet
    • 1/4 cabinet
    • 1/6 cabinet
  • Customized private caged spaces

Take a look at our Seattle colocation facility to see exactly what features you should expect when reviewing colocation spaces – in addition to providing top-notch servers, other amenities, such as free remote hands, offered could potentially further help on cutting overall costs.

Cloud hosting has a lot of advantages that can greatly benefit a businesses’ growth and output. On a deeper level, however, CFOs and other IT professionals will quickly be able to discern notable cloud cost savings when implementing cloud computing.

Interested in how managed hosting servers and the cloud can positively impact your ROI? Contact us today and one of our Wowrack representatives will be in touch.

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