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Top 5 Reasons to work with Wowrack - Global Cloud Solutions

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Wowrack - Global Cloud Solutions

Our data centers across the globe give you the flexibility and performance you need.

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All For You…

Single-Tenant Dedicated and Bare Metal options for quick deployment and optimal performance.

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Your Complete Solution

Utilize the latest technology solutions for your ever-changing IT infrastructure demands with our Corporate Cloud.

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Instant Deployment

Leave the "Mad Technology" to us. Our Public Cloud allows instant infrastructure and security within minutes!

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Wowrack is a Global Cloud Service provider. We offer various Hosting services including Managed Hosting Solutions, Dedicated Server Solutions, Colocation, Virtualization, Bandwidth Delivery and Managed Services

Private Cloud

We focus on deploying private clouds for customers who require robust database and storage requirements in a more controlled, secure and local environment—solely for your organization.

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Dedicated Servers

Wowrack's single-tenant dedicated server and bare metal offerings provide the best in performance and security for your organization. Deploy quickly with the operating system of your choice.

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Public Cloud

Our public cloud allows instant available infrastructure within minutes. Sign up for an account for immediate scalability and security in a high-performance environment.
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Wowrack Hybrid Cloud—Your Entire Solution

Need to combine the benefits of the public cloud with the single-tenant security of a dedicated server? Our hybrid cloud gives you the benefit of combining our public cloud, private cloud and bare metal offerings for the best of both solutions.
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Become HIPAA Compliant Today!

Protect your Healthcare environment with Wowrack’s HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Private Cloud. When you need to address compliance with HIPAA rules and OCR (Office for Civil Rights) audits, our unique solution is your all-in-one answer to stopping unauthorized access, protecting your network from internal & external threats, keeping your applications up-to-date, and securing your valuable data. We will help you become audit-ready for all your HIPAA compliant needs.

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Regulatory Compliance Under One Roof