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Cost-effective single-tenant customized solutions built client-specific. We mix and match various hardware and software components to meet the demands of your organization while optionally managing all or aspects of your environment.

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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Combine the benefits of the public cloud with the privacy and security of a Wowrack private cloud. Wowrack gives you the freedom to get the best of both worlds in addition to allowing you to even combine your multi-cloud infrastructure with your own equipment that you may already own!

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Managed Hosting

Our team of 24/7/365 engineers are standing by to provide unparalleled support including maintenance of your cloud infrastructure layer from datacenter physical layer, cloud layer, up to your Application infrastructure layer such as database, web services, security services, and disaster recovery as a service.

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When you need to address compliance with HIPAA rules and OCR (Office for Civil Rights) audits, our unique solution is your all-in-one answer to stopping unauthorized access, protecting your network from internal & external threats, keeping your applications up-to-date, and securing your valuable data. We will help you become audit-ready for all your HIPAA compliant needs.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

How much would one hour of downtime cost you? What about a whole day? Wowrack provides the support you need when disaster strikes, offering cost-effective geo-diverse cloud solutions. Work with Wowrack to plan for optimal business continuity planning developed based off your organizational needs.

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Wowrack is often seen as an extension of our clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies and looks to us for trusted, sound advice with a reliable service to back it up.


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Wowrack employs over 100 direct employees with a multitude of experience in various technologies including (but not limited to) VMware, Hyper-V, Cloudstack, Open Stack, all Linux flavors and associated open-source software, Docker, Chef, and so much more!


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If we are not going above and beyond the call of duty, we have failed. Our customers expect the best when dealing with Wowrack. We are a client-driven company that cares immensely for our customers and delivering what they actually need vs. what the client thinks they need.


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Wowrack works very hard to provide a solid service that is also cost effective. We do this by working very closely with your personnel to establish what your real needs are and make sure you get the perfect solution that will satisfy those needs. We will not sell you something that you do not need!

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Statistics in Cloud Computing: The Changing Frontier

05 November 2018     11:38:58

Cloud computing has been a powerful force that has taken enterprises by storm. Its growth is rapid, and its utilization is expanding just as quickly. While some businesses hesitate to make the leap from traditional methods to cloud technology, they may find that they are in the minority very soon.

LogicMonitor’s survey of industry influencers, titled “Cloud Vision 2020:
The Future of the Cloud
,” conducted in November 2017, identifies the trends, concerns, and adaptation behaviors of enterprise companies with relevance to cloud technology. Their findings are indicative of current trends of cloud hosting utilization as well as future expectations for these hosting methods.

Main Concerns for Enterprises Engaged with Public Cloud

The graph above may indicate some similar sentiments felt by other enterprise stakeholders as they consider moving to a public cloud setting. The majority of those are primarily concerned with security, while the other main challenges relate to compliance (60%), lack of cloud experience (58%), and privacy (57%).

Investing in managed security can assist your enterprise in growing at pace without compromising on protections. This service can provide convenience/peace of mind, long-term cost savings, as well as much-needed proactive security measures.

A solution to these challenges is undoubtedly working with a third-party company that can monitor, ensure compliance, and provide the necessary experience for deploying an enterprise’s public cloud and providing custom public cloud solutions.

Wowrack’s team contains the expertise necessary to handle the management of this endeavor while supporting your bottom line. Wowrack is your partner for cost-effective public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud & infrastructure solutions offering scalable, secure, reliable and compliance hosting geared for your business.

The Future of Workload Hosting

While the majority of workload hosting resides on-premises today, we can see the drastic change occur by 2020. On-premises hosting will decrease by 10%, while hosting on the public cloud is slated to increase by 10%. This dramatic shift indicates that enterprise stakeholders understand the benefits of public cloud hosting, such as:

  • Scalability
  • High-Availability
  • Controlled Backup Solutions
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Anywhere Access
  • API Support

This graphic also highlights an interesting contrast between the utilization of the managed private cloud and hybrid cloud today and in the future – and one could speculate that this may indicate the lack of knowledge of the unique benefits of those types of cloud hosting methods that may, in fact, be more beneficial to a company than other cloud hosting methods.

Wowrack has been on the cutting edge of enterprise cloud hosting since its inception and has stayed on top of industry trends. In 2017, the blog post “Turning to Managed Services Should be Your Company’s New Year Resolution” highlighted a similar message to LogicMonitor’s study, showing the benefits of moving to managed cloud hosting:

“Whether it’s finding the best infrastructure for your company’s unique network, practicing compliance laws, or having someone manage all your IT needs, you don’t want to be trailing behind the competition.” – Wowrack

It’s never too late to make the move over to cloud technology, and to have a reliable IT team at your side is invaluable. Contact Wowrack today for a free consultation to see how they can provide custom cloud solutions for your business.

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