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Discover how businesses like yours achieved remarkable IT transformations with Wowrack's services. Read their testimonials below and envision your path to enhanced performance, reliability, and resiliency!

Yohan, Matahari Sakti
Wowrack has excellent service. Its 24-hour support has saved us multiple times. Once, we experienced trouble late at night. We immediately sent a ticket, and it was fixed the next morning.​
Matahari Sakti, Indonesia
For any company thinking about handing over the management of their critical server infrastructure, you need to look no further than Wowrack. The team there cares, and with this partnership, I know I have a solid partner to lean on. I appreciate having them as part of the team!
Dayve Martin
IT Network Administrator, Global Harvest Foods, United States of America
We evaluated multiple options - from just buying our own new servers to other managed hosting options. But when I was told that Wowrack was the best, I knew I had to give them a shot.
Garrett Gunderson
Owner, B & R Flooring, United States of America
Mahendri, Sevima
Several of our mission-critical apps are hosted in Wowrack cloud service.​ In our experience, Wowrack provides the best service with little to no​ downtime compared to other providers that we previously used.​
Mahendri Winata
CIO, SEVIMA, Indonesia
Judianta, Multi Arthamas Glass Industr
Wowrack's quick support in solving problems has helped our business stay operational during one of our critical times. Paired with great communication between our team and the Wowrack support team, it was the best experience ever!​
Multi Arthamas Glass Industry (MAGI), Indonesia
I have worked with Wowrack for the last 8 years and trust them with our IT journey. I would always endorse Wowrack for their exceptional partnership, backed by an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive staff that consistently delivers outstanding consultative services that have greatly contributed to our success.
Carlo Rodriguez
Director of Information Technology​, Bayley, United States of America
Kyle Sutter, VP of Technology at Fisheries Supply
Wowrack has Fisheries critical infrastructure under control, where someone is constantly monitoring our equipment and environment. Furthermore, my experience with the Wowrack support team has been the best in class. The Support Team has experience and expertise in technology that is beyond my scope.
Kyle Sutter
VP of Technology, Fisheries Supply, United States of America
Mark Friedman, CEO of Goshly
Wowrack team is amazingly responsive and alerts us of issues before we even notice them, and quickly resolves them. This has allowed us to streamline our internal operations and focus more on key items that every SaaS company deals with. The hosting provider you choose is the most important partnership for a SaaS company, and I am delighted to have partnered with Wowrack.
Mark Friedman
CEO, Goshly, United States of America
Hendi, Tanrise Properti Indonesia
As our infrastructure required a customized build, Wowrack proved to fulfill all of our needs and had a quick deployment time, too. Finally, being able to find a reliable partner for our IT is a blessing.
Tanrise Properti Indonesia, Indonesia
Travis Rupp, VP of Information Technology at Denali Federal Credit Union
In the end, choosing Wowrack for us was a no-brainer. Their way of doing business closely aligns with how we treat our members and offer a competitive product that our members can rely on. The flexibility of Wowrack was another critical point for us. Their entire team was so easy to work with, and they gracefully handled things we thought would be challenging without a headache.
Travis Rupp
VP of Information Technology, Denali Federal Credit Union, United States of America
Ashish Singh, IT Advisor at Fire & Vine Hospitality
The real benefit and added value of the Wowrack Turbo Cloud is to have a knowledgeable and dependable partner who takes care of our cloud infrastructure in its entirety so that we can focus on doing what we do best, which is running and operating our hospitality business.
Ashish Singh
IT Advisor, Fire & Vine Hospitality, United States of America
We are very grateful for our partnership with Wowrack. As the years go on, they have consistently been one of many decisions I am proud of. Their determination to go above and beyond was the most significant selling point. Wowrack's founders are always available and accessible, the support team is eager to help, and most importantly, the service is delivered as promised.
Jonathan Djajadi
Co-founder and Partner, SYBIS, United States of America

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