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May 1, 2017 - admin

Why a Public Cloud Hosting Service is Great for Time-Crunched Businesses


When it comes to hiring the help of a managed service provider, there are a lot of questions to consider. What service is right for your company? Which one is going to take the most of the load off your hands? Which one is cost-efficient? The questions go on and on. For some businesses, they’re too busy to even have the time to ask all these questions. There just needs to be something available which can help them get right into it.


If your company is time-crunched and you’re thus looking for a cloud hosting service that’s ready to go when you need it, then perhaps a Public Cloud Hosting Service is the best choice for you. We’ll tell you why.


The Perks of Utilizing Hosting on a Public Cloud

Hosting on a Public Cloud allows for immediate scalability, without needing to wait for the cloud service to be accustomed to your company’s specific design. It’s all ready to go. That being said, once you are set up to be hosted on the cloud, which happens immediately, you can begin to customize your site how you want. Additionally, you only pay-per-use. No more paying for features that you aren’t using! Best of all, opting with a Public Cloud Service means that everything is managed for you.


Why You May Want to Choose Public Over Private

While both public and private cloud hosting options are good choices, each has its pros over the other. A private cloud hosting service is a good choice for companies who need higher security or simply want a server just for themselves. That being said, that doesn’t mean that public servers aren’t secure; it just means that you’ll share the cloud space with other users.


A public cloud hosting service can be used by small and large businesses alike. However, it might be better for companies that are still building up their site and their network, and they want to have the flexibility to develop as they go. It could be for companies that have medium to large database servers, but want to have it all managed by someone else so they focus on continuing to grow their own business.


Does a Public Cloud Hosting Service sound like the right choice for you? Wowrack offers different cloud packages to fit your company’s needs and budget.  Contact us today to learn more.


General Features You Can Expect to See with a Public Cloud Hosting Service

A Public Cloud Host isn’t just faster and easier, it also comes with a lot of awesome features. While these kind of services differ from one provider to another, you can expect to get these with your package:

  • The ability to be compatible with any operating system
  • A simple control panel to visually manage what you need to
  • Controlled backup-Save your templates for future use
  • Mobile-friendly-Access and manage the cloud from anywhere
  • Constant support-Call up for assistance any time of day

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