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  • October 26, 2022 - admin

    How to Handle Destructive Malware

    It’s not uncommon to deal with malware at some point in our lives. Afterall, there has been a steady increase in malware attacks.  In 2020, 61% of organizations experienced malware activity. That percentage has grown to 75% since then. This begs the question: “how do I handle malware?”. What is Destructive Malware? Destructive malware is […]

  •  WARNING! Your computer is infected with malware!  Have you seen a similar message or pop-up as you browse through the internet? These kinds of pop-up messages are fake virus warnings, and clicking on one of these links may result in your computer getting infected for real.   This begs the question “How is that possible?”. Because […]

  • October 7, 2022 - Shania Nadine K.

    What is Ransomware and How to Deal with It

    Have you ever received a suspicious e-mail or message that asked for your password or personal details? Those kinds of messages are also known as phishing messages that use social engineering techniques. Clicking on those links, downloading those files, and entering your details on those suspicious sites can result in not just your personal data […]