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July 19, 2019 - Thrive Admin

The Benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery Plans

You can never anticipate exactly when a disaster may occur to your cloud infrastructure. You can, however, have the foresight to prepare a cloud disaster recovery plan that enables you to quickly restore operations whenever disaster does strike your cloud. 

What Is Disaster Recovery?

A disaster can be any sort of unexpected event that interferes or disrupts your business’s IT workloads.

You are not able to know the exact nature of a cloud disaster only after it has occurred. What you are able to do is prepare a disaster recovery plan, which will assist you in quickly restoring operations back to normal following a disaster.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

There are various ways to implement a disaster recovery plan. One approach would be relying on on-premise infrastructure for backing up your workloads.

The method that provides you with the greatest flexibility and recovery speed, however, is a cloud backup and disaster recovery. Then, when disaster occurs, those resources can be restored from the cloud back to their original locations — whether those locations are on-premise infrastructure or the cloud.

Another way to describe cloud backup and disaster recovery is to call it offsite disaster recovery because your workloads are backed up to a remote site and can be recovered from there.

It’s important to note that a cloud disaster recovery plan can be used to back up and restore workloads that run on-premise as well as those hosted in the cloud. You don’t have to run your production systems in the cloud in order to take advantage of the cloud-based disaster recovery.

Why Use Cloud Disaster Recovery?

A cloud disaster recovery plan provides several key benefits, as compared to other types of disaster recovery strategies:


It is more scalable, since you can easily increase the amount of resources that you back up in the cloud by purchasing more cloud infrastructure capacity

Cost Options

You can pay as you go. In other words, you pay for cloud disaster recovery infrastructure as you use it; there is no need to invest upfront in hardware or to pay for more infrastructure than you actually use at a given time.

Spread Your Backup

Cloud-based disaster recovery makes it possible to leverage geographic redundancy features. This means that you can spread your backed-up resources across multiple geographic regions in order to maximize their availability, even if part of the cloud that you use fails.

Speed & Efficiency

Recovery from the cloud is fast because most cloud infrastructure offers high bandwidth and fast disk I/O.

In a Digital Nutshell

Utilizing disaster recovery solutions affords you a surplus of benefits that prove to be invaluable to you and your business. You’ll gain scalability and availability, while also likely reducing your overall costs as compared to a disaster recovery strategy that relies only on on-premise infrastructure.

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