Disaster Recovery as a Service


Having a disaster recovery plan is extremely critical for the survival of your business. Allow Wowrack to help you plan and design, architect and deploy, and fully manage your DRaaS solution according to your specific budgetary and system data needs. Every company is different so why not work with a solutions expert who has years of experience architecting your very own, fully managed, custom environment, specifically catered to your line of business?

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Why do you need a disaster recovery/business continuity plan?

Information Week surveyed 200 independent US and European companies and calculated roughly $26.5 billion is lost each year from IT downtime, which translated to $150,000 annually in lost revenue to each business. Looked another way, of those companies, small enterprises lost more than $55,000 in revenue annually, while midsize lost more than $91,000. Large companies ended up losing more than $1 million per year. An outage by itself can end up costing your business an average of $5,600 per minute.

Factor in the damaging and negative impact these outages have on an organization's reputation, and you can count on losing some of your valued clients, while having a very large public relations nightmare on your hands

With massive amounts of your data compounding daily in the Cloud, securing your valuable IP and customer information is no longer a question of, ‘Should we?’ but more a question of, “How do we architect the right Cloud backup solution today, and based on our specific business demands, how do I retrieve the data that’s stored without having to worry about managing the process myself?

Time is money. What are you going to do to prevent this from happening to your organization?

How can Wowrack help you today?

Wowrack uses an agnostic, hybrid array of market leaders in DRaaS to specifically fit your custom business continuity (BC) requirements along with budgetary needs. Every solution (and business for that matter) is different. Wowrack is committed to architecting the right, custom Cloud environment, built specifically for your line of business.

Here is what the Wowrack process looks like:


Step 1 : No-Cost Audit

It starts with our no cost audit of your internal systems and working with our highly trained Sales & DRaaS network engineers to understand how your IT is setup today. We then dive into, with specific detail, what your current technology pain points are and the business drivers you're looking to accomplish today, and for the years to come.


Step 2 : Engineer

Wowrack has its own internal procedures in order to properly handle disaster recovery. These procedures are typically replicated (mirrored) to our very own managed cloud and hosting customers whenever possible. Wowrack will attempt to virtualize our customer's infrastructure (when applicable) in order to achieve the highest DRaaS scenarios.

Wowrack uses products such as System Center, Veeam, or the built in Hypervisor replication tools such as Hyper V or VMWare Replica. For customer's whose applications can support geo application delivery, we also specialize in architecting solutions that would include the application infrastructure to be delivered from multiple, geographically diverse, data centers that typically include a more complex IP routing or Application Content delivery solution.


Step 3 : Deploy

After consulting with your organization and engineering a complete plan based off a careful evaluation of your needs, Wowrack gets to work with making your plan a reality. No matter if you need the solution in the US (Seattle, Dallas, New York) or Globally (Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong), Wowrack will help ensure that thorough testing is done so that should disaster strike, your business is ready!


Step 4 : Manage

Your enterprise DRaaS solution is now finally built and running! You can rest assured that your business and mission critical applications are protected. Now that this is done, who in your organization will be responsible for properly running your DRaaS infrastructure from here?

Your data may be safe but things can still happen within your new environment. Wowrack will fully manage your ongoing architecture, ensuring your systems are monitored, updated, and supported moving forward.

You're not a Cloud hosting company, so why take this headache on yourself? Allow Wowrack's fully managed service to remove these IT pain points off your hands!

Some of the technologies we use include

Microsoft System Center   DPM


HyperV Replica/Clustering


VMWare Replica






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Wowrack also offers Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) layer 2 transport for businesses who currently are looking to push backups to AWS, Azure, or Google. Check out our MEGAWOW SERVICE



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