Wowrack is looking for an Internet Datacenter Technician position to support and run our day-to-day datacenter activities. You will be closely working with our Datacenter Infrastructure team and also our Senior System Administrator team. This position requires individuals with self-starter attitudes and a high sense of responsibility as you will be administering live Internet Servers. If you love playing with network hardware (AKA: toys), learning various new technologies (AKA: fun) and work in a high paced environment (AKA: Sysadmin World), this position will best suit you.

Wowrack is employee-focused and works hard to create a company culture that all of our team members will enjoy. We offer competitive pay, plus medical, vacation and paid holidays.

Job Location: Tukwila, WA US
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular
Work Shift: This is a swing shift position that may include nights and/or weekends


  • Support and Manage Datacenter Infrastructure.
  • Responsible for setting up new server builds. Strong experience with various server hardware is required.
  • Responsible for deploying customer servers, network equipment, and all network infrastructure related equipment.
  • Responsible for deploying datacenter related infrastructure such as server cabinets, power distribution units, UPS systems, KVM/IP Systems, and cabling infrastructure.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining existing deployments.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate documentations and procedures.
  • Interface with Wowrack customers and provide top-notch and speedy customer service.
  • Occasional additional hours on emergencies are expected.


  • Knowledge on various os (unix/Windows) server installations.
  • Basic knowledge of different flavors of Operating Systems (unix/windows).
  • Strong knowledge of these OS is a plus.
  • Strong hardware knowledge as you will be building various types of server hardware with different hardware specs and parts.
  • Knowledge in cat5, cat5e, cat6, and fiber deployment and termination.
  • Must have excellent communication, organization, and teamwork skills.
  • Candidate must have a professional ethic toward customers.
  • Must be dependable with a great work ethic, demonstrated initiative, ownership of issues, and exceptional attitude.
  • Highly flexible, adaptable, and able to deal with uncertainty in an extremely high-paced environment.
  • Must be able to work well under directions from customers and Wowrack team members while maintaining high ability to be able to work with little or no supervision.
  • CompTIA A+, MCP certified candidate is highly preferred.
  • Due to nature of heavy equipment, Candidate must be able to lift at least 50lbs of equipment.
  • Candidate must own and be able to operate a motor vehicle as you will be supporting 3 different Wowrack Datacenters around Seattle Area.
  • Position is open immediately with start date as soon as tomorrow.

Interested candidate, please email your resume to hr[at]

  1. Availability for Work (immediate, 2 weeks, or more)
  2. Salary requirement
  3. Whether you meet the requirement on having our own vehicle
  4. Whether you meet the requirement of being able to lift at least 50lbs of equipment

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