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Invisibly Good

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An excellent web hosting service is one that is invisible to the customer. But when problems arise, Wowrack works fast to become "invisibly good" again.


Building a presence for yourself online can seem to be one problem after another. All you want is to have your web site out there for people to find. And then you discover the domain name you want is taken! And you can't decide whether to use WordPress to build your site, buy a template, code your own site, or pay someone else to do it. And then every feature you thought should be standard in a web site turns out to be an "extra" that you didn't budget for at the beginning! These problems can seemingly go on, and on, and on, and on.

So once you finally get your site up and running, you want to focus on your business, not on the mechanics of running your business's web site.

In essence, you want your web hosting service to be invisible, so you can get on with your work.

At Wowrack, we do everything we can to be invisibly good.

In other articles we will talk about the infrastructure we have built in our hosting facility, so the geeks and nerds out there can obsess over the details. But this article is about you and the experience we want you to have.

Managed? Dedicated? Colo? Oh my!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and that’s why we provide Managed Hosting. This is the right place to start your online business. We take care of the servers and the network, and you take care of the front end of the store.

You don’t need to mess with any hardware or server configuration – we do all that for you! We take care of the part we are good at, and you do the parts you are good at. Like hiring a bookkeeper or a tax preparer to take care of your business finances, you need a professional to run your server and make all that stuff invisible to you.

That Initial Hump

Once you have purchased a service from us, the biggest hurdle to launching your web site is the initial configuration and testing period. Getting all the files in the right places, making sure the graphics are in the right directory so they appear properly on your site, getting email set up, and configuring the online shopping cart that can charge credit cards and let you know when someone has placed an order.

For new customers, Wowrack wants you to get through this initial setup phase as quickly and painlessly as possible. That’s why we answer the phone 24x7. There is always a real person on the other end of the phone ready to help you with your configuration and setup issues.

Growing With Your Business

Now that your web site is set up and running, here come the customers! But what if things go really well? What if your site gets hammered by all the traffic? Maybe your product or service suddenly went viral! How are you going to deal with all that extra traffic?

Well, the best part is that our Managed Hosting service upgrades easily. So if your business grows, we can very easily get you upgraded onto a newer server, or even onto a dedicated server farm. This will happen when you ask us to, and without you needing to be an expert in servers, hosting, or other back-end technologies.

If the demand goes up then we can easily upgrade your site. Once again, invisibly!

Capacity for all your needs

Another part of being “invisibly good” is being able to grow with your business, no matter how large your business becomes. The people at Wowrack consider our customers as family, and no matter how big or demanding your families’ needs become, we have the capacity, the skill, and the technology to make sure your hosting is always invisibly good.

Keep Reading!

Keep an eye on this section of our web site for more information about our infrastructure, our redundant systems, and case studies of how Wowrack has served many customers over the last 10 years.

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