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eosckar     4 November 2011     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

Wowrack has 10 years of experience doing this, so you don’t have to.


It all starts with an idea. A great idea. Something you can commit to. Something you
are passionate about.

It was the same for us, 10 years ago.

With a single computer in a bedroom closet, Wowrack started 10 years ago serving a couple of
friends’ web sites. But we had a big vision, a big idea, and we committed to it.

Like any other small company we had big dreams, small resources, and lots of energy. But
launching a startup is a nervous business, and now Wowrack is in a position to help you through these tense times.

A Fondness for Startups

Ten years is both a very short - and very long! - span of time. For those of you burning the
midnight oil right now to make your new business work, we are both jealous and sympathetic of your situation. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were working day jobs, running servers out of our apartments, answering tech calls in bed at 3:AM, tracking down nagging server problems in the middle of the night, etc.

And yet, as we look back at the last 10 years, the milestones we have hit, the advances we have
made, and the business we have created, these are the rewards we have earned from that initial hard work. It is incredible to think of what we have managed to accomplish in this decade.

Which is why we have a peculiar fondness for startups. Whether you are working a day job and
programming at night in your bedroom, or maybe one of the lucky few that get into an incubation program like TechStars, or even funding your startup on a pile of credit cards, we support your vision and we want to see you succeed.

Whatever you need to make your dream happen, let us know! Talk to us. Tell us your dream. Infect us with your energy. We empathize with your situation, and we want to be a partner in helping you make your idea grow.

Water The Seed…

Start simple. Just get that splash page up there so people can start signing up. Don’t worry if it
isn’t the final design, colors, or layout. Just get SOMETHING up there. You can refine it later.

The most valuable thing we learned in the last decade has been how to grow. From that one
server in the closet, through redundant systems, all the way to the colocation facility we have now in Tukwila, we have been through every stage you will go through. So get that splash page up there, and we’ll work together to build the right platform and hosting solution to support your business.

Every step of the way.

Not to get too “sales-y” on you, but our whole business is based on the idea that your
business can’t outpace our services. No matter how quickly (or slowly!) you grow, or how big you get, we have the capacity, experience, and skills to make sure you get the level of service your business needs.

The Proof is in the Pudding

We have worked with many businesses to help them expand their web presence as they have grown. We also remember how nerve-wracking it was to make critical business decisions
when you are sitting on the end of your bed, laptop open, the clock ticking down to another day at the office, and you just want to hit the button and get the ball rolling, finally!

Next month we will be doing a profile of a business (or two) who have walked this path with us, from concept, through launch, and then growing into a viable business.

We feel for you. We also admire you. And we will do everything we can to make sure your idea is a success.

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