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Wowrack Cloud Beta Launch message from @setiawanr

eosckar     17 February 2013     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

I am very pleased to announce our new line of products, Cloud Infrastructure. Wowrack Cloud is a very simple and easy to use right from the starting point. Deploy instances within minutes, choose you desired storage from SATAs, SASs to SSDs. Use as much memory as you need, either for your databases or jBoss needs. Auto-scale right at the beginning of your loadbalancing instances. You only pay what you use. No more monthly commitment, this is an hour to hour commitment only! Many well-known vendors such as Dell, Intel, Seagate, Cisco, OnApp, CloudStack, OpenStack, RedHat, CentOS and Microsoft have been used to support our cloud infrastructure.

I would like also to introduce some of the features that we have:

- Loadbalancing with Auto-Scale capabilities
- Security is always in the eye of the beholder, so here we go, customized firewall right within or in front of your cloud instance.
- Control your cloud from your mobile platform.
- Platform ready images are ready to be used.
- Customized and deployed your own images.
- Multiple OS’s such as FreeBSD, Windows and variances of Linux’es.
- Private Network for your internal communications
- APIs to spin up and down instances
- and many more to explore

With those great features, we will not forget to include our big great smile on the service side, we have engineers online 24/7 to help customers with their cloud infrastructure with the same service we offer at and Wowrack Indonesia.

My team and I are very much looking forward to serve your cloud needs!

Please visit us

Be Cloud ready!

Rudy Setiawan
VP Global Development

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