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Why You Need the Corporate Cloud

blogadmin     13 March 2014     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

Many surveys and opinions have been taken into consideration when small businesses to enterprise-sized corporations consider the adoption of cloud and managed services.  There are various concerns around the performance, maintenance, availability and—most importantly—the security of the data.  There’s another side to this business as well. What about the companies that aren’t educated on the benefits of corporate cloud or who can’t fund the upfront capital costs for internal IT infrastructure?

While there seem to be solutions everywhere in sight, why go the route of corporate cloud?  At a certain point, once your company has reach a substantial size, your investment in certain technologies and systems will need to be expanded, which can be a costly investment.  Also, customization, constant maintenance and development can get to be an issue around security and control of your data.  It’s hard enough to go a day without running into issues while managing your own infrastructure or having a major corporation run it for you where you only get limited assistance, or have to go through various loopholes to get your issue solved.

An optimal solution at hand for our “medium” sized businesses is the Wowrack Corporate Cloud Solution.

 Why the Wowrack Corporate Cloud Solution?

  • Always stay ahead of the curve with the latest in technologies
  • Lower cost solution vs. AWS, Softlayer, Rackspace
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) increases security by moving workstations to a centralized managed server environment fully maintained by Wowrack Support
  • Utilize our staff’s expertise in Microsoft application platforms, voice and security services.
  • Increase your internal IT team’s productivity and ROI
  • Our on-site support staff of Tier 3 engineers are available 24/7/365 to assist with cloud deployment and management.
  • 100% Network Uptime SLA
  • 100% Data Center Uptime SLA
  • Take the headache away of having to keep up with weekly updates and managing your own infrastructure.

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