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Customized Cloud Service Dedicated Solely for Your Business Enterprise

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Benefit from Wowrack Private Cloud Service at High Competitive Prices

A private cloud is a type of cloud computing that consists of a distinct and secure cloud-based environment in which only the specified client or customer can operate. When compared to other cloud models, a private cloud service provides a virtualized environment using an underlying pool of physical computing resource. However, under the private cloud system, the cloud resource is only accessible by a single business enterprise providing that enterprise with greater control and privacy.

Approach Wowrack for Your Private Cloud Requirements

Nowadays, businesses, irrespective of size and revenue have their private cloud for their business operations. If you are looking for companies which offer reliable, affordable and state-of-the-art private cloud solutions, then you can approach Seattle-based Wowrack which is a subsidiary company of Wow Technologies, Inc. Wowrack can offer you customized and scalable cloud environment built on infrastructure that is dedicated solely for your business organization. For your information, Wowrack specializes in implementing several levels of Hypervisior Technologies to fulfill their client requirements.

The well established cloud solutions provider focuses on deploying private clouds for clients who need robust database and storage requirements, or have a need for higher security in a more controlled, local environment, and will be perfect for their clients’ compliance and regulatory requirements. Some of features of highly competitive private cloud solutions offered by Wowrack include:

  • Four to six times enhanced computing performance when compared to other leading cloud service providers such as Azure, ComputeEngine, Rackspace and AWS.
  • Wowrack Private Cloud Solutions are ideal for those business enterprises and other organizations having high traffic environments and high production. In comparison to the public cloud systems, where you have to spend extra time to address security and governance issues, WowRack is a real boon to the business enterprises.
  • With different hypervisor levels, private clouds are being deployed with robust database and storage requirements.
  • Wowrack maintains the integrity and security standards for their clients’ compliance and confidential data needs such as HIPAA, SARBOX, PCI, GLB and FISMA.
  • The built-in virtualization capabilities of Wowrack servers give access to the best-in-class performance features like cloud elasticity and scalability to a great extent.
  • When compared to public cloud solutions offered by other leading service providers, Wowrack offers its clients an overall low-cost solution for high-traffic websites. By investing a minimum number of resources, the private cloud servers of WowRack ensure an organized control over your existing IT infrastructure, thus leveraging the costs.
  • Once you consult with Wowrack, the company will fully manage and deploy your Virtual Machines (VMs), and thereby giving you the freedom to focus on your core business activities without the headaches of managing it yourself. With the deployment of private cloud servers, the hardware, network and the storage performance can be specified and customized. As all these requirements are configured for a single client, it is much easier to achieve the compliance. In addition to that, hybrid deployments, where the virtual and the dedicated servers are integrated into a single platform can be carried out.


Benefits of Relying on Wowrack Cloud Services

Other than the competitive pricing and customization options, the benefits you can acquire by relying on the private cloud service offered by Wowrack include simple control panel, on-demand provisioning, 24x7 on-site customer support and active monitoring, 100 percent data center uptime SLA and network uptime SLA, access to Wowrack team of experts, automatic scale In and Out, operating system and infrastructure support. Other than cloud services, Wowrack also provides a wide range of web hosting solutions as per client needs.

With our on-demand deployment of server models, along with the automated resource allocation system, the agility of your IT infrastructure can be expanded with the changing business needs. In addition to that, the four elements of deployment which includes virtualization, dynamic allocation, rapid provisioning and pooling are provided by their expert panel. On-demand deployment of servers with flexible contract terms are provided and all these happens, under a single roof, WowRack.

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