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Why Renting Gear from Your Hosting Provider is a Good Idea

reny     16 August 2017     Cloud Infrastructure / Network     0 Comments

One reason that companies utilize the services of a managed service provider is because they don’t have the skills or physical tools necessary to get the job done themselves. When you outsource to a company who has expertise, you can feel confident knowing that your business is in good hands. However, part of that assurance comes from not only those experts, but the equipment and gear they are using to best serve your company’s data infrastructure.  While you always have the option of buying the equipment yourself,  most providers give you the option of renting this gear instead.


Here’s why that’s something you’ll want to consider:


Same Service, No Permanent Commitment

You can rent a house, a car, a bicycle, or even a DVD. Why does one choose to rent these items as opposed to buying them? Well,  these items generally depreciate in value you moment you buy them, so renting them is often a safer option.

The same goes for renting hardware from your provider. Server lifecycles can depreciate in value in just a few years. Because new technology is always coming out, the hardware  you’re currently using might be completely obsolete before you know it. Therefore, leasing your hardware for however long you need it (or until the next upgraded version comes out) will save you a lot of money and a lot of headache in the long run.


What Are You Actually Leasing?

Whatever hardware you need that is essential to the efficient operation of your server or service, can usually be provided by your MSP. Some examples of hardware you might rent out include routers, firewalls, switches, and cabling.


Insuring the Equipment with an SLA

It’s never a good idea to rent something without some kind of insurance or agreement. Your MSP needs to be sure you don’t damage their equipment, and you need to be sure you’re not charged for problems that weren’t caused by you. This is why your managed hosting server provider uses something called a Service Level Agreement, to make sure you and they both are protected. Your SLA will outline all the “what-if’s” so you can rent hardware without a worry.


Need the appropriate hardware for your Internet, but want to make sure you’re getting the right stuff? Wowrack provides a competitive HaaS package for companies that care about their business’ connectivity and network infrastructure, but don’t want to make such a big financial commitment. Contact us today to learn more.


Benefits of HaaS and Renting Gear Overall

Hardware as a Service is just one of the many services you can utilize for your company. When renting this gear, here are some of the great benefits that you can expect:


  • Pay-per-use: Don’t pay for what you don’t need.
  • Option of fixed-monthly rates.
  • Let business growth dictate what you’ll need and when you’ll need it, without paying extra in the meantime.
  • Hardware that’s already PCI-DSS compliant.
  • Flexible lease terms.
  • Simple IT management. They will handle any problems, from connection interruptions to device changeovers.
  • Consistent upgrades when relevant.
  • Constant support.

You don’t need to invest in the hardware when you can invest in the services that provide it.





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