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Turning to Managed Services Should be Your Company's New Year Resolution

reny     19 December 2017     Backup & Disaster Recovery / Cloud Infrastructure / Managed Services / Network     0 Comments

Next year, companies can expect to see many new trends in IT, data, and cybersecurity. As companies continue to move over more of their workload onto the cloud, there are always more things to consider. Whether it's finding the best infrastructure for your company's unique network, practicing compliance laws, or having someone manage all your IT needs, you don't want to be trailing behind the competition as the new year approaches. That's why hiring n managed cloud hosting provider should be your number one New Year's resolution.

Here's why:


Expand Your Business

Choosing a cloud hosting option that's scalable gives you the best opportunity to have your network grow with your business in the future. Many companies hold off on moving to the cloud because they feel as though they aren't quite ready to do so. Perhaps they don't yet have the funds or the client-base to make that kind of change. However, making the move to the cloud in the beginning stages will not only make your business more accessible to more people, but it will also allow you to save money in the long run. This is because most MSPs offer scalable solutions, so you don't need to pay for what you aren't using right now -- you can always make the necessary upgrades later on.


Take More Time for What Matters

Turning to an MSP means that in addition to gifting your company a brand new infrastructure set-up next year, you will also have the support of a professional provider. This means they will manage everything, while you continue doing the many jobs you need to do as a company leader. If you have a lot of projects you're hoping to get done next year, managing your network shouldn't get in the way. Make it your resolution to work on what you need to do, while an MSP stays on top of the rest. After all, why risk losing all the hard work you've done when your MSP can provide amazing backup and disaster recovery solutions?


Wowrack wants you to be on the right track for next year. Contact us to learn more.


Keep the Important Jobs in the Hand of Professionals

Is not knowing who to trust holding you back from making some changes for next year? That's understandable, and exactly why we stress the importance of making sure you can trust your MSP. This is why Wowrack offers data center tours to ensure you're getting a good look at the services you'll be receiving. Therefore, you can feel confident knowing that this important job lies in the hands of a  dedicated team of experts. There will always be someone available that can solve the problem your network may be presenting, but ultimately, the team will help recognize any problems well before they occur.

Also, it helps to know that if something does happen -- for instance, a data breach -- you won't necessarily be the one held completely responsible.


Provide Consistent Customer Satisfaction

Lastly, a major goal you should have for the upcoming year is to continue growing that trust between you and your clients. One of the ways to achieve this is by maximizing your security standards, thereby ensuring your customers that you're doing everything in your power to mitigate risks that could have the potential to leak their information. This is why, depending on the industry you're in, it's so important to practice compliance laws. Opting for the services of an MSP as one of your New Year's resolutions will help you bring in more customers, and improve your CRM overall. Additionally, it will keep you safe from problems like shut-downs, delays, data disasters, breaches, and visits from auditors. A strong approach to this means happy customers.


So, what's the hold up? Let us help you achieve the New Year's resolutions you have for your company.





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