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10 Benefits of Private Cloud For The Enterprise

thrive     13 May 2019     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

Cloud computing has made big data storage and management for organizations more secure, cheaper, and easier. For these reasons, numerous organizations have moved their businesses to the cloud to leverage these benefits. However, some distinctions make a private cloud more desirable than a public cloud. Here are ten benefits of private cloud for enterprise.

Private Cloud Solutions Save Costs

It can be very costly for organizations to hire experts in multiple departments and additional IT employees to keep data secure for all departments and lines of business. Utilizing a private cloud provider, organizations require fewer IT employees to keep data secure, backed up, and servers maintained. This translates into cost savings over time. In addition, the public cloud can become extremely expensive the larger your environment grows, whereas private cloud is much less costly.

Advanced Management and Monitoring

Outsourcing a company’s management of data with a private cloud solution allows them to benefit from the skills of a dedicated team that is monitoring their applications and data around the clock. In the case of an in-house IT staff, they will experience minimal burden and will concentrate on maintaining the internal operations optimally.

Increased Control

A private cloud allows a business to gain complete transparency and control over the individuals who can access their data. The cloud provider will be able to inform them regarding the location of their data as well as the staff members who can access the information. Moreover, an organization can make sure that only particular users have authorized access to certain data sets. On the other hand, a public cloud has a one-size-fits-all approach and fails by comparison for customization of services or resources. A public cloud offers little to zero control over one’s infrastructure or data. But an isolated cloud lets a company scale their environment and personalize the additional solutions such as disaster recovery and high availability. Most public clouds take a one-size-fits-all approach with a few options here and there. A private cloud can be custom-tailored to your specific organization's needs, which provides an additional level of control. 

Private Cloud Is More Secure

Security is the top benefit when it comes to a private cloud for enterprise. This form of cloud computing is known for providing a high level of security that cannot be beaten by a hybrid or public cloud. This is essential for organizations sticking to regulatory compliance. It is no surprise that the majority of users of an isolated cloud are in finance and banking, government organizations, and big corporations. It is secure because the business is not sharing data storage with other organizations that they are not familiar with, and they can have their cloud infrastructure configured according to their specifications and individual needs.

Better Resource Management

Virtualization critically boosts the physical server hardware’s value. As opposed to having five servers with an average CPU utilization of 10 percent, a business is able to virtualize the five servers on a single physical server that shares resources. This minimizes the rack space and power usage, and it is easier to manage. Also, this lets a company duplicate server copies and keep them operating very fast. In the case their server has proper tools for resource management initialized, they are able to automatically allocate proper resources to a particular server when required, or shut it down during low usage. This is an efficient and effective method of server management.

Increased Flexibility

This is an attractive benefit of this form of cloud computing. The ability to tear down and spin up a server in a few minutes is incredibly useful and powerful. There is no need to waste one’s effort in attempting to size a server in advance when one can create it instantly. Whether a business requires more CPU, more RAM, or more disk space, they can obtain it immediately. When it comes to an isolated cloud, they can have resources reallocated in minutes without having to worry about getting a physical server that will offer the resources required by the new server.

Private Cloud Solutions Are Better Equipped for Compliant Data

Companies of all shapes and sizes are required to comply with policies and laws of their particular industry or business environment. A private cloud is a perfect solution in this scenario since it can be deployed with specific access-control and retention policies. For any organization, customer data is deemed by common-sense and law to be extremely sensitive user data. Companies require having unparalleled control over their information as well as enabling data privacy. 

Reassurance of Separation

The stand-alone characteristic of this cloud makes it ideal for any company that needs full separation of cloud infrastructure from other organizations. This could be for compliance regulations, data security approach, and internal policy reasons. For instance, a business that handles high volumes of confidential and sensitive data such as a financial institution might be suited for a private server.

Disaster Recovery Is Priceless

A public cloud typically has a lower price point at first sight, but this does not mean that it will possess the functionality of an isolated cloud. While an isolated cloud may seem slightly more costly than a public cloud, it offers a business more value for their money. With a private cloud for enterprise, good providers offer disaster recovery services. This one benefit could be the difference between an organization losing all of their data and not. In a data breach situation or a server going down, a smart organization can take solace in the fact that their data is secure and stored with a private cloud provider that offers disaster recovery services.


From expertise, control, and security to flexibility, compliance, and other benefits, a business is sure to get value for their money by implementing a private cloud for enterprise. They can enjoy peace of mind from increased customization, increased security, and increased efficiency.


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