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Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting

thrive     16 September 2019     Managed Services     0 Comments


This article is to serve as a basic guide to the benefits of cloud server hosting. Traditional servers have always run a higher risk of data loss and DDOS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) from hackers and malicious software due to the fact that data is stored in one place. They are also subject to other undesirable problems that could have an adverse effect on your business including unscheduled server downtime slow performance due to high traffic and the dreaded data loss. Nobody should have to lose data these days.

Cloud servers are made up of multiple servers allowing for safer data storage and better performance. Businesses can be confident in knowing that their data is secure by being stored and backed up over multiple datacenters. These datacenters mitigate your chances of downtime and data loss.


In 2019 the hybrid cloud market accounted for around $200 Billion and has no intention of regressing. The concept of locally stored data is obsolete and so are the risks involved with it. No business should have to worry about losing data or not having access to it on demand from any device anywhere in the world. Also managing all the public hosting options on offer can become cumbersome and counterproductive. Some of the key benefits of cloud computing include:

· Accessibility

· Speed

· Savings on hardware

· Data Security

· Flexibility

· Efficiency

· Scalability


Wowrack’s world-class hybrid cloud solutions promote a more streamlined digital work space saving you time and money. Gone are the days of having your data, services and applications spread over numerous cloud servers supplied by different companies. By incorporating your services from public clouds into the private cloud you can have complete control over multiple services from one convenient place. This means that you will not have to leave behind the services you are familiar with.


These hybrid cloud systems are run in state-of-the-art colocation data centers allowing you the flexibility to add your own dedicated hardware into our existing infrastructure. With this in place you can be assured that your data and IT management is in safe hands. You will be prepared for any potential disasters that may come your way.


Implement cloud server hosting into your business today and reap the benefits of high performance remote access to your data and software from any device anywhere on the globe making collaboration simple. The modern business in this technological age needs the confidence that their systems are secure and data is safe. Wowrack is also HIPAA compliant which ensures data privacy especially required within the healthcare sector.

Save money, streamline and protect your business with tailor made cloud computing solutions now and get the competitive edge over your competition. Cloud server hosting is a way to help your business thrive in this digital era

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