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Private Cloud Hosting: What Makes It Private

thrive     27 November 2019     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

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There are three types of cloud solutions available including public, private and hybrid. This article will deal with private cloud solutions and how they can benefit your organization or business. Public clouds are usually shared between clients which limits your resource availability and server efficiency, whereas private clouds give you greater control over your server

What is a Private Cloud?

Private cloud hosting can manifest in two ways. Either with a dedicated in-house data centre requiring a dedicated IT team or through a third-party hosting provider such as Wowrack who provide more cost-effective solutions, private cloud hosting brings you greater control and security over your data. The main difference between public and private is that the former is sharing resources with other businesses whereas the latter is dedicated or as we like to call “single-tenant”.

These setups are generally client-specific allowing for greater customizability to suit your needs. Private solutions can be expensive, consequently they are more suitable for businesses that require higher than normal levels of security due to data sensitivity. Some areas of application may include medical, financial or legal data

Why use a Private Cloud?

With all the benefits of public cloud solutions such as flexibility and performance, a private solution will in addition offer you more control and security over your data. Dedicated servers are more secure, provide greater customization possibilities ranging from hardware to software, as well as greater overall reliability, speed and scalability.

With this system flexibility comes guaranteed resource availability, stronger security as well as regulatory compliance across the board. This is the perfect solution for organizations that require specialized customization or are working in heavily regulated industries.

Private clouds can also have a redundant second server or what is often referred to as a storage area network which allows for a mirror of your data and eliminates any possible downtime due to server maintenance and in the worst-case scenario it would greatly improve your system disaster recovery time.

Who should use a Private Cloud

lWowrack’s private cloud solutions give our clients broad options for optimized performance. As mentioned before, the allure of private cloud solutions is the primarily due to the increased security and control ability. Many organizations which hold sensitive client data that requires heightened security and privacy such as medical or financial records may have no choice but to use a private cloud due to its HIPAA compliance among others.

If you are considering a cloud solution for your business you will first need to assess your requirements. How much flexibility do you need? Do you have to comply with any regulations such as security? Which applications will you need to be using?

Let us assist you in developing and implementing a private cloud solution that best works for your business.

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