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6 Reasons for Using Managed Services in Your Business

Tiyan     8 December 2021     News & Updates     0 Comments

Tired of in-house IT upkeep? Still unsure about what to choose from an IT provider? Here we will give you 6 reasons for using managed services in your business.

Computer, or IT in general, is always something unique since its birth. Moore’s law truly describes it perfectly. In layman's words, it says that computer performance will always double every two years.

It means that every two years the IT industries will always have innovations. Meanwhile, in-house IT infrastructure will always be lagging. This could spell disaster for business, especially in the current digital environment.

One of the ways you can do to keep with the current digital environment is to integrate managed service into your business. Here, you can find what a managed service is and why you should use it.

What is Manage Service

First, let's answer the question of “what is managed service?”

Manage service is a term that describes the outsourcing use of a third party in maintaining, managing, and administrating anything related to IT. It can be your infrastructure, security, or storage among other things.

In 2025, Statista projected that this type of IT service will reach a market cap of around $356 billion. It shows how businesses shift from in-house IT service to outsourcing others that specialized in it.

Small to medium business is the one that is most profited from this trend. It allows them to keep up and even compete with middle to enterprise-level within the digital market.

Why Use Managed Services?

Now that we have cleared the basics of what managed service is, we can immediately go to a more in-depth explanation of why you should use this service.

Generally, there are 6 benefits that you can receive from outsourcing your IT management.

1. Handled by Expert

Handling by the expert for your IT infrastructure will be the first benefit of using a managed service.

As previously mentioned, development and innovation within the IT world always come at a quick pace. This would result in some businesses being unable to keep up with the pace.

Meanwhile, MSP or Managed Service Provider has the sole focus on keeping up with the current IT development and innovation. Thus, they will have all the experts needed in operating an up-to-date IT infrastructure.

2. Low Cost

Businesses that use managed services can also reduce the spending needed to keep IT running. This could range from the infrastructure and especially the labor cost.

An agreement between business and MSP can also make sure that there will be no unnecessary service costs. This allows business to shift their expense model into that operating expense model.

3. Easy to Scale

There are times when demand in the business is high and there are times when it is low. Meanwhile, most of the in-house IT infrastructure will stay the way they are. It means that businesses risk overloading or even underloading their IT.

One of the benefits of using MSP is it allows businesses to adjust the IT capacity according to real-time needs. As such you can easily scale your service accordingly.

4. 24/7 Support

MSP will often provide 24/7 support for your business depending on the plan you choose. Thus, you can easily contact or request help at the moment's notice. MSP with around the globe coverage will be much better in this regard.

5. Minimized Downtime

The experience of most in-house IT users is to fix something that has already broken. This could cost precious time and money to be wasted from the resulting downtime.

By using managed service, you can minimize such downtime with the help of an expert within the MSP. They will proactively maintain and secure your IT infrastructure.

6. Focus on Your Business

The biggest reason for using a managed service is so you can focus more on your business. Today, a growing business means growing IT requirements. This often results in a distraction from your core business.

A good MSP can offer you a flexible service model, be it as an addition to your current team or handle all of your IT needs. In this way, you can back to put your focus on developing and growing the business.

How Wowrack can Help You

With over 20 years of experience in the IT world, Wowrack stands ready to provide white-glove treatment for all of your IT needs. Certified experts, flexible service plans, and advanced tools will allow you to focus entirely on your business.

So, are you ready to advance your business? Let’s get started!

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