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Wowrack Offers Cloud Hosting for Mid-Market Companies

Tiyan     21 January 2022     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

Efficient IT infrastructure management is imperative to the success of a company. It allows companies to operate with high-level performance and agility to bolster their online presence and internal growth. But infrastructure management is often a significant pain point for IT operations teams within these companies.

The IT infrastructure space is complex, and new cloud migrations have only added to the problem. The work involved in managing hosting and servers can be a tall order for IT departments or companies that manage their own hosting and can decrease their overall productivity.

According to a survey by INAP, the top IT challenges companies faced in 2020 were cybersecurity, cloud management, and skilled IT talent acquisition. With IT teams overloaded with development tasks, businesses need more help from infrastructure providers to support their hardware management.

Wowrack works as a partner to help ease the burden of infrastructure management. The company prides itself on collaborating with customers to meet their needs and delivering solutions to their complicated IT issues.

“​​With managed services and infrastructure, we can host them in our private cloud services, provide web hosting or public cloud management, like AWS and Google Kubernetes. So we’re more of a hands-on service provider,” said Erward (Ed) Osckar, Founding Partner of Wowrack.

Since launching in 2001, Wowrack has delivered enterprise-grade hosting and infrastructure solutions to mid-market businesses. Its wide range of services allows companies to find all their hosting needs under one roof. Today, Wowrack is once again featured in the most prestigious blog in the web hosting industry, discussing the current and future plans of the company.

Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions with Increased Security

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wowrack ran into several uncertainties, and so did its client base. But at the start of 2021, the company began to bounce back from the obstacles that COVID had brought. The company returned to a growth pattern, and its customers also found their footing.

“Our customers are getting projects moving, getting things updated and upgraded. Although we’re still in this pandemic, businesswise, we have seen recovery, and it’s speeding to get better,” said Ed.

Wowrack helps customers save time and money by providing a complete package of managed hosting solutions. Its services range from infrastructure installation to system administration and maintenance. Wowrack also offers several hosting and colocation options, including hybrid cloud, dedicated hosting, and full cabinet colocation, among others.

In 2021, Wowrack also set out to enhance its cybersecurity offerings. As threats increase online and on the cloud, companies will need to increase their protection. But most of them don’t know where to begin or overlook the urgency of cybersecurity.

“A lot of organizations don’t understand what the threats are out there, how to mitigate it, and how to deal with it if they aren’t affected by it. So, we not only consult with our customers, but we have helped them get out of ransomware or attacks,” said Ed.

Wowrack not only offers managed cloud hosting services but also managed security. Its expert cybersecurity team monitors and patches threats, keeps up with the latest trends, including DDoS attacks, and is available at all times for an affordable price.

Businesses can also use its reliable backup services to ensure their data is never lost. Wowrack facilitates the entire process from initial installation to scheduling and recovery.

Fostering Customer Relationships Built on Trust

Wowrack hails from humble beginnings. Ed and his Founding Partner Jimmy Pandra started in an apartment studio running only six servers. Wowrack now has 5,000-plus clients globally and sustains more than 10,000 servers and 15 global datacenters around the clock.

The Wowrack team understands what it takes to achieve success, and it also recognizes the role its customers have played in that success. Gaining and maintaining customer trust has been a priority for the company since its inception. Wowrack values its relationships and sets out to solve its customers’ IT problems above all else.

Mid-market businesses are Wowrack’s core customer demographic, but it also works with a few large banks and tech companies.

Wowrack accompanies its clients along the cloud infrastructure adoption process. Ed said the team focuses on helping and advising wherever it can to improve a client’s IT operations.

“We would be a natural extension of their teams, such as their sysadmin, their network admin, or their security admin. And we are also their trusted adviser, as to, providing insights on technologies and how they can transform and drive their business,” said Ed.

The Wowrack team caters to client needs by providing a personalized approach to customer service. Wowrack gets to know its clients and figures out what strategy will work best for them. Ed said the goal is to help internal IT teams optimize their productivity and focus on the more critical areas of their jobs while Wowrack manages the operational side.

“We don’t take it lightly. I think how we gain the trust of our customers is we don’t sell. We give them solutions. And that trust factor is important in how we can keep and grow our business,” said Ed.

Extending its Reach into New Markets and Countries

As the hosting space grows increasingly crowded, Wowrack has evolved to meet the market’s demands and remain competitive.

“It’s a tough market and more competition with how people consume hosting and cloud. But we were fortunate in 2020, and we had a record year in revenue and profit. We had a good year in 2021 also. So we’re hoping to use that to grow the company in 2022,” said Ed.

The company also seeks to branch out domestically. Wowrack plans to enter other markets, expand its product features, and deploy in more US cities. Ed said the company will work more with server stadium brands and dedicated servers.

Wowrack will also add more automation to its services to simplify the hosting process. Customers will only need to place an order for a server, and that order builds automatically. And if the customer cancels, the commission will shut down right away as well.

Wowrack’s plans for expansion don’t stop there. Ed said the company has its sights on increasing its operation overseas.

“Going to different markets, especially in Asia, is exciting for us because there’s a lot of exponential growth that’s going on in Asia. So we’re hopeful that we can participate there and maybe partner with some local companies or conglomerates to offer our services,” said Ed.

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