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What is backup as a service (BaaS)

Jesse     8 July 2016     Backup & Disaster Recovery     0 Comments

Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a form of backup that is purchased from backup and recovery service providers. Where most systems preform centralized on-premise backups, BaaS allows access to private, public and hybrid cloud solutions by an outside provider. Backup as a Service has allowed for easier management of backup copies and is considerably easier than managing tapes or hard drives. It also elements the need for a privately owned, offsite backup and storage location. Backup as a Service allows administrators to off load maintenance, and hardware upgrades to the provider.

Common Concerns About BaaS

While Backup as a Service has become extremely popular, there are still many concerns for companies who are unfamiliar with the system and how it effects their business. The following is a list of common concerns our customers have had about utilizing the Wowrack BaaS.

Cross-platform issues

One of the common problems with using BaaS is cross-platform support issues. Since backup as a service requires software to perform the backups, you will need to make sure your provider supports the systems you use. From the operating system side, file systems tend to be picky.

The Wowrack Backup as a Service uses an industry leaders software to manage your backup strategies, and is available on every major operating system. Those picky files systems can be a easy fix and should probably be made anyway. Our sales team will connect you with a support team member should you have any concerns about your file system and naming convention. We want every customer to have a flawless setup.

Compliance Concerns

Most all of our clients came to us with concerns about compliance. Compliance is extremely important, and we fully understand this. The biggest compliance concerns we see are HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements. While there are others, we deal with these the most often. Contact us about individual compliance needs if you need further information.

Our BaaS is built with integrity and security in mind. While compliance standards ensure meet minimum requirements, we have built our system to exceed these expectations. Protecting your information is top priority, and a job we do proudly.

Security and Encryption

Our entire business revolves around security and encryption, and your data is treated no different than ours. Hardware, software, and highly trained professionals constantly monitor and analyze traffic and connects to our facility. Threats are always a concern, and we take them seriously.

Your data will be stored in our SSAE-16 certified secure Datacenter, a facility you can actually take a tour of should you want to. Thanks to partnerships like the Open Alliance Data Center, Wowrack also has more access than ever before. Speed, security and encryption all in one spot!


Backup as a Service, Brass Tax

The common concerns our customers have are certainly understandable, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to be comfortable in your decision. However, everyone wants to know the brass tax of Backup as a Service.

When looking at the price of Baas, it's important to remember the costs associated with backing up and storing data. When your company is providing its own backup solutions, it will be covering all of these costs.

  • Location (Space)
  • Hardware (New, Maintenance, Upgrades, Failure Replacements)
  • Power (Heating, Cooling, Computers)
  • Software (Backup, Monitoring, Security)
  • Staff (IT Admins, Hardware Techs, Network Techs, Software Techs)


When you step back and add up all the costs, the price of BaaS plans start looking like piggy bank change. There are certainly more costs associated with running your own backup solutions, these just happen to be the major ones to point out. As you might soon see, there are a huge amounts of savings available, especially the larger you needs get. With that said, lets take a look at the Wowrack BaaS specification and pricing guide.

Wowrack Backup as a Service specification chart

If you need help deciding on which backup service plan works best for you, or have any concerns you need addressed contact a sales team member by calling 1.866.883.8808

Ready to go? Head to our Backup as a Service page.

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