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Check Out 2018’s Biggest Cloud Trends

reny     3 January 2018     Backup & Disaster Recovery / Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

Each year, more and more companies are moving their business over to a cloud ecosystem. They are looking at various infrastructure solutions and managed support services to help make that transition easier, while making sure that they receive the support they need regularly. As the cloud is continuously developing, the conversation surrounding the topic is even more interesting. People want to know what they are agreeing to before making such a move. Therefore, these companies, and more importantly, the providers, must stay up to date on the news.

Without further ado, here are the biggest cloud trends we intend on seeing this year.


Larger Cloud-Storing Capacity

With more companies moving more of their data onto the cloud, there needs to be the physical space to handle it all. With a higher demand of cloud-storing capacity, there must be more data centers with the necessary equipment. Consumers will be looking for managed service providers that have the kind of space they need available, even if they don’t quite have the need for it yet. Along with this, consumers will be looking for providers that offer more scalable options, in order to make sure their needs can be met in the future.


More Applications Created Solely for Cloud Environments

While we’re still in this period where legacy companies are finally making the transition to the cloud, there are also companies who aren’t wasting time. They are placing their entire network on the cloud from the get-go. So, in order to accommodate this trend, cloud hosting providers will need to have access to the software and tools necessary to make the cloud accessible to absolutely everyone -- especially smaller, newer businesses who have no prior systems to move over. This means the acquisition of more applications that are created solely for the cloud, as well as apps that can be used across multi-cloud environments. This will make workloads more user-friendly and portable, allowing consumers to take care of their business needs whenever, wherever.


The Rise of Open-Source Cloud Connectivity

Speaking of multi-cloud environments, another trend you can expect to see this year is the rise of open-source cloud connectivity. With so many data storage and management needs to be met, consumers will likely be reaching out to multiple vendors for their services, unless they can find a provider that can truly manage it all. That being said, the need for open-source technology will change the attitudes that consumers have towards owing their loyalty to just one vendor. It’s no secret then that MSPs who embrace this trend by offering solutions that are accessible over multiple cloud systems, are going to be more desirable.


Wowrack is up to date on the latest trends so that we can meet all your cloud hosting needs. Contact us today to learn more.


Less Patience for Consumers on Internet Speed and Quality

This year, we will be honing in on 5G. Yes, 5G. It will no longer be a matter of “my Internet is too slow” but, instead, “it’s just not fast enough.” Internet speed and quality is absolutely necessary for businesses in 2018, and anything less than amazing simply won’t be tolerated. MSPs need to keep this in mind and be sure all their services can keep up with the Internet speeds that their customers expect.


More Emphasis on SaaS

Last, but certainly not least, 2018 will be the year of Software as a Service, which will be the #1 deployed solution worldwide. With so many great software options out there that businesses rely on, they need a place where it can all be properly hosted. Although IaaS and PaaS will still be used, SaaS will be the simplest and most desirable option this year, and it’s pretty clear why. Companies need flexibility to do things their way, and a provider that will support them throughout their journey.


With so many people relying on a stable and flexible cloud environment, finding the right vendor who acknowledges these trends is critical. 




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