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Colocation: An Overview

Ellen     20 June 2018     Backup & Disaster Recovery     0 Comments

You may have a lot of questions about how to manage data and security. How can you be sure that your data stays safe? Colocation provides a simple and secure way to manage your data so that you can occupy your mind with other things, like running your business. Colocation gives you several different options for managing your data. Keep reading to find out more about how colocation works.

What is Colocation?

Colocation is an offsite data center. Data centers can serve many clients at the same time, but each client receives the same high level of security and customer service. A colocation center provides virtually everything that its clients need for data management, including space, bandwidth, power, upkeep, and management. Uniquely equipped and specially designed for data storage alone, these centers give their clients the best option for maintaining information that may be at risk if stored onsite instead.

Why Choose Colocation?

With colocation, you won't have to build your data storage solutions from scratch. Instead, the data center will provide virtually everything you need. Furthermore, you have several options. You can choose anything from a caged space, which is often built on demand, to a full cabinet, which gives you a ton of extra flexibility. You have a full range of choices when you decide on colocation, and each one is cost effective. Finally, colocation provides peace of mind. With offsite data storage, you entrust your data to the experts who work in a place that was specifically designed to keep your data safe.

Wowrack Security

Wowrack stands out among data storage centers because of its optimum levels of security. At Wowrack, we put the utmost care into your data's physical and digital safety. Our data locations stand high above flood plains so that your data faces minimal to no risk of flood damage. We employ strict fire protection measures, and we provide cooling equipment to keep hardware safe. To keep your data safe from hackers, we use a dual authentication process for data access. Plus, our tech support staff is available at all hours. If you need help at any time, our team is ready to go.

If you need the best in data storage and security, let Wowrack build your perfect solution. Chat with an expert on ourĀ website today if you have any questions, want to tour a facility, or simply want to get started. At Wowrack, we provide our clients with the best solutions.



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