Wowrack - Managed Services

Offered Product Solutions:

  1. Single Dedicated Server
  2. Single Colocation Server


  1. Free of charge for all eligible products
  2. Custom Managed Services pricing is available. Please contact our sales team at sales@wowrack.com for quotes.

Included Wowrack Services:

  1. Port Monitoring
    Our monitoring server will be set to monitor either one of the following: IcmpPing, SSH Port 22, RDP Port 3389,or any other remote management port. Customers running any kind of firewall device have to keep in mind to allow our monitoring server to reach the monitored ports in order to qualify for our SLA.
  2. MRTG Bandwidth Utilization Graph
    Bandwidth utilization graph showing your bandwidth usage will be provided.
  3. Remote Reboot Access
    Server remote reboot capability will be provided from our Omega customer portal.
  4. Server Outage Reboot
    Wowrack technicians will follow customer's procedures in case of server downtime. If no procedures are set in place, our technicians will perform a server reboot in an attempt to restore services.


Additional support hours that fall outside the realm of Basic Managed Services are billed with pricing schedule listed in "On-Demand" Managed service support.