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Wowrack is your partner for cost-effective hybrid cloud & infrastructure solutions offering scalable, reliable and compliance hosting geared for YOUR business.

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Regardless if it is private cloud, colocation or business continuity planning and execution, our customers have come to trust us as their ultimate cloud solutions provider for all things related to server and cloud infrastructure and beyond! Moreover, not only do we provide the physical solution, but we also back our service with our phenomenal support engineering team available to you 24/7/365 on-demand with the option of proactive management.


Private Cloud Hosting

Cost-effective single-tenant customized solutions built client-specific. We mix and match various hardware and software components to meet the demands of your organization while optionally managing all or aspects of your environment.

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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Combine the benefits of the public cloud with the privacy and security of a Wowrack private cloud. Wowrack gives you the freedom to get the best of both worlds in addition to allowing you to even combine your multi-cloud infrastructure with your own equipment that you may already own!

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Managed Hosting

Our team of 24/7/365 engineers are standing by to provide unparalleled support including maintenance of your cloud infrastructure layer from datacenter physical layer, cloud layer, up to your Application infrastructure layer such as database, web services, security services, and disaster recovery as a service.

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When you need to address compliance with HIPAA rules and OCR (Office for Civil Rights) audits, our unique solution is your all-in-one answer to stopping unauthorized access, protecting your network from internal & external threats, keeping your applications up-to-date, and securing your valuable data. We will help you become audit-ready for all your HIPAA compliant needs.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

How much would one hour of downtime cost you? What about a whole day? Wowrack provides the support you need when disaster strikes, offering cost-effective geo-diverse cloud solutions. Work with Wowrack to plan for optimal business continuity planning developed based off your organizational needs.

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Wowrack is often seen as an extension of our clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies and looks to us for trusted, sound advice with a reliable service to back it up.


Diverse Experience

Wowrack employs over 100 direct employees with a multitude of experience in various technologies including (but not limited to) VMware, Hyper-V, Cloudstack, Open Stack, all Linux flavors and associated open-source software, Docker, Chef, and so much more!


Truly Awesome Service

If we are not going above and beyond the call of duty, we have failed. Our customers expect the best when dealing with Wowrack. We are a client-driven company that cares immensely for our customers and delivering what they actually need vs. what the client thinks they need.


Easy to work with

Wowrack works very hard to provide a solid service that is also cost effective. We do this by working very closely with your personnel to establish what your real needs are and make sure you get the perfect solution that will satisfy those needs. We will not sell you something that you do not need!

In person or not, we’d love to learn more about your business!


How to Choose a Colocation Provider

11 October 2018     14:53:41

For many reasons, companies across all industries rely on colocation providers to house their enterprise instead of keeping it in-house. While the benefits may vary from business to business, some of the advantages are universal:

  • Increased time dedicated to revenue-generating endeavors instead of dealing with the management of the data center infrastructure (generators, UPS’s, cooling, network redundancies, personnel)
  • Scalable network capacity, such as adding additional cabinets on demand without much logistics
  • Meeting your specific compliance criteria needs, particularly with data-sensitive industries such as healthcare and financial firms
  • Reliance on data center provider to manage the entire colocated infrastructure all the way up to the application layer

Based on these benefits, it’s important that you engage your IT department and other stakeholders to identify your goals and needs, so you can go into the search process fully-equipped with the knowledge to choose the right provider for you. These questions not only determine the needs of your company but can help determine what specifications you’ll require from your provider:

Capacity & Scalability

What are your current network, power and space demands? Will this remain consistent, or fluctuate? Most colocation providers have great flexibility in all of these factors, however, allowing your colocation provider to aware of your growth plan upfront can be very helpful in the long-run.


Some colocation providers offer amenities such as 24/7/365 basic and smart remote hands, along with KVM/IP, serial console etc., so being physically nearby isn’t a necessity. However, some businesses prefer to be relatively close to keep costs down for other reasons, such as for network transport services or perhaps for internal policy.

Is this a factor for your organization? Often times, a colocation provider can also have multiple locations, as is the case for Wowrack’s colocation services, which has POP’s all over the world including our own Seattle colocation data center.

Power Density

You’ll want to ensure your colocation facility has the power capacity to handle not only your needs for today but also for the future.  Additionally, power density per rack is another major factor, especially for high data processing applications that may need lots of CPU or GPU.  Wowrack, for example, can support up to 20kW of power per rack. Be sure to know this about your prospective provider.

Security & Support

You should always be able to fully trust your colocation facility with safeguarding your enterprise. Not only does this include the physical security and confidentiality of the actual premises, but it may also include being able to support your organization in the way of providing services that enable further security within your own infrastructure via the providers managed services.

Does your organization have a team of experts who can handle all aspects of network security and supporting your infrastructure? Managed security services is a great option which often is much less than having a team of 24/7/365 experts on your own payroll.

Disaster Recovery Protocols

Just as much as proactive security is a concern, so should disaster recovery methods. This is a necessary factor that you should address with any provider prior to signing on, as a single outage could potentially cost your company an average of $5,600 per minute.

Financial losses aside, these issues could result in PR nightmares or loss of reputation, or even valued client business. A worthwhile company will work with you to establish customized DRaaS solutions or backup plans for your peace of mind.

While Wowrack’s 18,000 sq ft. data colocation facility in Seattle is its flagship, it also has several POP’s across the USA and in Europe. Its SOC-1/SSAE-16 Type II carrier neutral headquarters in Seattle boasts a total of 3MW of power capacity with 2N and N+1 UPS redundancies and N+1 cooling redundancies, and its DRaaS solutions and security protocols are unmatched. With decades of experience under our belt, Wowrack’s team personally works with prospective clients to architect, customize, and deploy the right solution for you.

Contact Wowrack today to see how their data colocation services can benefit your business.

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