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March 11, 2019 - Kenneth Odem

Benefits of Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Graphic of a computer that utilizes managed hybrid cloud hosting

As corporations and businesses have quickly learned the positive impact of moving their infrastructure to the cloud can have on their bottom line, a crucial decision must then be made: what type of cloud environment makes the most sense? Luckily, the offerings of the cloud are diverse and customizable (even more so with managed cloud services), so there is usually a right answer to this question.

More and more, stakeholders are realizing the benefits of managed hybrid cloud solutions, as it is the perfect marriage between the public cloud vs private cloud debate. There are advantages to both environments, so why not utilize both? That’s the core concept of hybrid cloud solutions, and the added benefits of having a managed component to the service can help disaster mitigation and optimal performance assurance.

Top 3 Benefits of Managed Hybrid Cloud

Custom Resource Allocation

As mentioned above, there are benefits to both public and private cloud environments that entice businesses. The hybrid cloud was created to bridge the gap between the two types of cloud infrastructures so that a company can utilize containers to divide up their applications as needed to best suit their business plan.

You can segment your data into these environments tailored to your goals – applications that require high performance would require a private cloud, whereas application testing might favor better within a public cloud environment such as Google, AWS or Microsoft Azure:

Graphic of how a hybrid cloud environment works with Wowrack

Hybrid Cloud Security & Compliance

Specific to a managed hybrid cloud environment, and similar to the customization point above, hybrid cloud security & compliance can be adequately addressed and deployed without ongoing concerns. By partnering with a cloud service provider such as Wowrack, you can ensure that all applications within your hybrid cloud are allocated in the correct container, and therefore all adhere to your specific compliance regulations or security concerns.

This is especially prevalent for those looking to utilize a hybrid cloud environment for healthcare companies, or other companies (such as legal firms) that handle very sensitive data. Instead of limiting the potential of the overall environment from a performance or scaling perspective due to privacy concerns, hybrid clouds adequately remove those limitations.

Managed hybrid cloud environments are the most protected against DDoS attacks, performance issues or other security breaches that can not only damage your performance output but put your data in jeopardy – potentially costing you precious time and money to recover from. Utilizing a managed team can ensure consistent monitoring and performance evaluations to provide top output for your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Furthering customization opportunities, Wowrack is one of the few cloud service providers that allows the customer to combine company-owned equipment into the equation via local colocation services.

This way you can host privately-owned equipment in Wowrack’s SSAE-16 audited data center, connect to public cloud infrastructures such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google on top of a private cloud infrastructure. Through our managed hybrid infrastructure services, your colocation, public & private cloud environments are protected up to the application layer.

Hybrid Cloud Cost Management

Optimal performance and efficient use of cloud environments ensure the available cost savings within a managed hybrid cloud. By utilizing one cloud service provider, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of exactly where your resources are allocated and can easily make transitions or scaling decisions.

Similarly, by partnering with a cloud service provider, you can remove all cloud-related tasks from your internal IT team, freeing them up for other resource-generating tasks. This helps ensure 24/7/365 coverage of your hybrid cloud environment without putting pressure on your team to worry about disaster mitigation needs or compliance concerns.

If your business hasn’t yet migrated to the cloud, it’s not too late – and encouraged to do so. As IT expenditures continue to increase into 2019 and beyond, it’s important to allocate funding to what will best support performance and revenue output – contact Wowrack today to discuss the benefits of migrating to a managed hybrid cloud for your enterprise.

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