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September 23, 2022 - admin

Building a Secure Network and Why it Matters

VLAN Segmentation Diagram for a secure network

Having a secure network is something everyone needs for both personal or professional use. It prevents attackers from accessing important information and acquiring access to your system. 

What is a Secure Network? 

On a surface level, a secure network is any network that puts security measures in place to help protect your system from outside attackers. For this article we will focus on a secure network setup for a flat network. 

Flat Networks 

Flat networks are a type of network architecture notorious for their easy maintenance and simplicity. While simple and effective, they are not secure. When attackers break into a flat network, they can easily reach all of the systems. This level of access will allow an attacker to spread deeper in your environment.  

A way to mitigate and contain attackers is with VLAN segmentation.  

VLAN Segmentation 

A way to set up a secure system is through VLAN (virtual local area network) segmentation. This setup breaks up your server network so only certain systems can communicate with each other. A basic setup of this typically includes the following: 

  • Office Network 
  • DMZ (Internet facing Systems) 
  • Core Server Network 
  • Physical Server Network 
  • Admin Network 

Those mentioned above are connected to the server network. However, only certain networks can talk to one another; or have one network communicate with another but the receiving network cannot talk back. 

ACL Rules 

Along with VLAN segmentation comes ACL (access control list) rules. ACLs are a list of rules that determine what resources each user can access. Additionally, each ACL has one or more ACEs (access control entities) that consist of a name of a user or group- think of a security guard that allows people to come in and out of a VIP room. 

Having ACLs provide simplified user identification, performance advantages, and more granular control over traffic. 

Why does building a secure network matter? 

Building a secure network prevents a user from gaining access to information. Utilizing VLAN segmentation helps contain an attacker preventing them from spreading to different networks amongst your sever. 

In a  Q3 2019 report, the average time a ransomware incident lasts is about 12.1 days with the average ransom around $41,198- a 13.1% increase from Q2 of 2019. 

Ultimately, building a secure network is the best line of defense for protecting your company and its virtual assets. Cyber-attacks will continue to grow as time moves forward and technology advances. Having a secure network not only protects, it also ensures that your company’s daily operations run seamlessly saving you both time and money. 

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