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Roulette isn’t for your critical data – don’t gamble it

Most IT managers do not realize the benefits of off-site backups or having a proper disaster recovery plan until its too late. By the time you would so desperately like to rely on your non-existing, or unmaintained backups, your data is being held hostage by some hacker in an offshore country, or worse, completely gone and have nothing to restore to or find that the backup schedule you thought was happening stopped months ago. It’s never a good idea to wait until you need backups to start thinking about backups and the management of your backups.

Even if you are taking backups today, how confident are you with the integrity of the data that is supposedly being backed up? Who is managing and being held accountable for your backups?

Wowrack helps organizations take backups off your hands and into the trusted care of Wowrack who monitors the backup process and the success of the backup jobs – remediating any issues as they happen and before you’re even aware of them.

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A few use cases for having backups you can count on:

Employee Accidents
Employee Accidents
Fire or Water Damage
Fire or Water Damage
Data Corruption
Data Corruption
Failed Hardware
Failed Hardware

Why use Wowrack for Managed Backups for your organization?

It is more profitable, efficient and productive to use Wowrack, which day-in and day-out manages the infrastructures of both big and small organizations. To that same tone, you should be focusing your resources on what YOU do best instead of a supporting function. Leave it to the experts at Wowrack!

Additionally, by leveraging a relationship with Wowrack, you can rest easy knowing that your backup infrastructure is completely managed – taking care of any hardware issues, remediating any problems that may come up proactively, and monitoring to ensure that not only are the backups scheduled, but are they successfully running and completing? It does no good to setup a backup plan if you cannot ensure that the jobs complete successfully.

Key Features of a Wowrack Managed Backup Infrastructure

Enterprise Data Protection

Wowrack’s solution will be complete with agreed objectives for data retention, 24/7 monitoring, reporting, enterprise grade hardware and an expert team to support the deployment.

24/7 Monitoring & Remediation

Our in-house team is constantly monitoring your backups and remediating any issues that may arise during this process to ensure continuous backups.

Offsite backups with an on-site feel

Support your compliance requirements and reduce your risk with our offsite managed backups solutions, housing in our SSAE-16 Type II/SOC1 audited facility.

We support it all

While we can easily manage your backups, we have in-house experts in all areas of IaaS to manage not only your backups, but your entire infrastructure.

Customized to your needs

We can propose a multitude of vendor based solutions or if your organization is familiar with a certain brand, we can use that, and customize it to your business objectives.

Agnostic with your production technology

Wowrack will work to match up the backup solution with what works best with the technologies in your production environment. This helps reduce risk and helps streamline.

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