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The private cloud is a cloud computing environment where the infrastructure is dedicated to a single organization, ensuring complete privacy and control over the system. Both dedicated hardware and isolated infrastructure ensure that your data and resources are only accessible by authorized users within the organization.

With that in mind, utilizing a private cloud provides you with enhanced security. That, as well as several other features, presents private cloud as an attractive option for many organizations.

Wowrack Benefits


Full Control


Enhanced Security




24x7x365 on-site tech specialist


24x7x365 Support Team


Personal keycard to access your server 24x7x365


Replacement gear in case something in your server breaks


Dedicated industry veterans to walk you through the process of building your server


2-factor bio-encrypted security


And many more…

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Private Vs Public Cloud

A private cloud is your personal cloud that is hardware dedicated to you. At a high level, a private cloud consists of a hypervisor, a firewall, and a switch. When you invest in a private cloud you get enhanced security, full control over your resources, and long-term savings.

A public cloud is a type of computing where a third-party provider that offers a limited amount of resources that you share with other organizations. Those who opt for the public cloud will enjoy hands-free maintenance as well as hassle-free scalability at an additional monthly cost.

Ultimately, private and public clouds have their pros and cons. Whether you are looking for enhanced security or hands-free maintenance, either will suit your needs to help your company excel.

Private Cloud

What is Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is the next step in building your ideal private cloud to excel your organization. Essentially, the hybrid cloud pieces components of private & public cloud, on-premises solutions together to bring you the best of both worlds.

This will provide you with enhanced security, full access to all resources, and long-term savings in addition to the flexible scalability of utilizing a public cloud.

Hybrid Cloud More About Hybrid Cloud

The Wowrack Difference

Wowrack is not just private cloud provider, more than that we are a hybrid cloud provider. Meaning, we are offer a range of services including Managed Service (MSP), Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) and a Public Cloud provider.

For over 20 years, we have been the one-stop-shop which takes care of all of your information infrastructure needs. Scale and customize to your liking as your company grows. We offer colocation services throughout Asia, Europe and the United States including Jakarta IN, Surabaya IN, Amsterdam NL, Seattle WA, Dallas TX, Buffalo NY, and more.


Along with our tailored white glove service Wowrack can also provide hardware to use onsite. If your server breaks, we can provide you with a temporary replacement until your new server arrives. We treat your emergency like it is our own and have tools and expertise needed to keep you online.


"They are constantly upgrading infrastructure to improve the overall experience.

Excellent data center company."

William F.

"Over the years I have used Wowrack for hosting my servers, including several Non-Profit projects that were highly successful because of the high availability of the Wowrack facility."

Chris S.

"Great place to get colocation and managed services for a great price!"

David V.

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