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There is nothing better than having a server infrastructure environment custom tailored to your exact needs! That is the power that Wowrack’s Managed Private Cloud services provide! We invite you to focus on your business while letting us monitor and manage your server environment.

Wowrack consults directly with your organization, face-to-face or remotely, to understand your business, solve any immediate pain points or needs, and suggest various paths down the road to take based off any business initiatives your organization may face.

What is private cloud?

A private cloud with Wowrack is a single-tenant environment that is client-specific. This allows for the greatest amount of flexibility and consistency and allows for maintaining infrastructure standards in terms of QoS which is not possible in public cloud environments. Some organizations prefer Nimble Storage, or Dell Equallogic for SAN’s while another may prefer NetApp, or a simple Supermicro setup. We give you the option of using brands your organization is familiar with while also being able to manage it for you.

Seattle Private Cloud Solutions & Beyond

Wowrack’s flagship data center and headquarters is located in just south of downtown Seattle, with other POP’s throughout the globe. No matter if your team is located in Seattle or around the world, our team of 24/7/365 experts are ready to help.

Our team works hand-in-hand with your organization to ensure your server needs are met so you can focus valuable time on other aspects of your business. In today’s business environment, you need to have scalable, flexible and have secure IT solutions at your fingertips, and we take the time not only to learn your business, but to fully understand your goals and growth plan in order to integrate these insights to provide the custom private cloud solution that is right for you.

Wowrack’s commitment to expertise has resulted in becoming a trusted IT partner for many Seattle businesses, and has expanded to include clients around the world.

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Wowrack Deployment Stages


Step 1 LEARN

We consult with you at no charge to learn about your business as well as IT objectives and pain points.



Based off needs uncovered during the consultation phase, we build a solution that satisfies the need. During this phase we help with:

  • Planning
  • Architecting
  • Advising



Now that a solution is on paper, it’s time to do the dirty work and make it a reality. We will fulfill the following:

  • Implementation
  • Hardware and relevant software configurations
  • Testing -> Production


We’re now live! To keep performance optimal and services online 24/7, Wowrack extends our team to help manage the on-going management of the environment by:

  • Monitoring and taking care of any alerts 24/7/365
  • Log auditing
  • Proactive and on-demand support

Here are a few examples of deployments we have done :

Scenario A
  • Switch, Firewall
  • Hypervisor Replication (2 servers that replicate)
  • 1 backup server
Scenario B
  • Switch, Firewall, LB
  • 5 Hypervisor Hosts
  • 2 x SAN’s that replicate
  • 1 backup server
  • 1 offsite backup server
Scenario C
  • Switch x 2 Firewall x 2,
    LB x 2 **
  • 8 Hypervisors **
  • 2 x SAN’s that replicate **
  • 1 backup server
  • 1 offsite backup server
** and also replicated in an offsite location

Technologies used in typical private cloud deployments:

Microsoft Hyper-V
Nimble Storage
KEMP Technologies

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